Friday, 16 December 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town

While the title of this article may conjure up images of Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, the real stars of this article are the hockey players from the town of Letterkenny known as Jonesy and Reilly. Letterkenny, the TV show, returns on Christmas Day with the whole gang, and the two hockey-playing characters will be front-and-center on the ice once more in Season Two. Jonesy, played by the dark-haired Andrew Herr, and Reilly, played by the blond-haired Dylan Playfair, were incredible comedic actors in their debuts in Season One, and I can only imagine the hi-jinks they get into in Season Two on CraveTV next Sunday!

Jonesy and Reilly are back with this short segment today that should be seen by all hockey players. Because of their scoring prowess on the ice, the advice dispensed by Jonesy and Reilly in this clip should be heeded by every hockey player of all skill levels.

A video posted by @cravetvcanada on

Flow... and snow! That was awesome embarrassing.

Honestly, I'm psyched for Season Two of Letterkenny found exclusively on CraveTV. Tune in to see all the craziness that Wayne, Daryl, Katy, Jonesy, Reilly, and the rest of the cast find themselves in as the new season kicks off on December 25! I'll be tuning in for some Christmas Day laughter as Season Two gets underway. Hopefully, you will too!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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