Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Update: Lou Annoys Me

This is a quick update to one of my previous stories. Apparently, I made the headline on the Devils Due blog on an article entitled Anger over Titans-to-Devils switch? written by Tom Lycan. I had expressed my annoyance with Lou Lamoriello's decision to rename and redress the Trenton Titans as the Trenton Devils. I guess that caught the attention of Mr. Lycan. I don't mind him taking a shot at my article since I voiced my opinion as well. In fact, I encourage Mr. Lycan's opinions here on this blog and on his own as I always appreciate good writers and reporters who can challenge me to defend my views.

Mr. Lycan, feel free to comment whenever you like. I like that you called me on my view, and, while we may not agree on this topic, we might have mutual repsect for one another on our views of hockey. There is already a growing amount of respect for your view on this side of the ledger, I can assure you. Good discussions always start with good topics. And to show there is absolutely no ill feelings, I've added the Devils Due blog to my list of blogs, and look forward to reading your thoughts.


Dear Lord Stanley said...

Totally off-topic:

What number are you choosing for your UniWatch membership card? Anything particularly meaningful or important?

Teebz said...

Hmmm... good question. I've always worn 10 or 25 when I played sports. However, my favorite hockey player was always #66 Mario Lemieux. It's tough to say, but I gotta go with my instincts and say #10. It's always been my number since I was a wee lad. :o)

Anonymous said...

Now I have two reasons to cry. The Wings lost and yesterday the Preds got sold to Bald-silly. Why don't we just sell them to the one man that almost certainly will move them? Thanks Nashville.

Numbers are interesting. I'll go with 13 or 42. 13 is my lucky number, but 42 is the meaning of life. Tough call.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

For whatever reason, I have an affinity for the number 65. When I create myself in hockey video games, I'm always wearing 65 no matter what. I don't even remember what my number was when I played soccer in high school, so I'll just have to go with my current favorite---for whatever reason it happens to be my favorite.

Teebz said...

Sage - go with your instincts. They're never wrong. :o)

DLS - 65, eh? That's a unique number, to be sure. Even more so in hockey. But you can never go wrong with your fave number.