Monday, 9 November 2009

Getting Ready For Vancouver?

Are you getting excited for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games yet? We're 94 days away, and that means sponsors and athletes are in the final stretch for getting their name on the programs. Of course, HBIC will be following the men's and women's ice hockey action and the sledge hockey action daily, but that's not why we're here today. With the Vancouver Olympiad getting closer and closer, I've received a few emails regarding the Winter Olympics, so I want to take some time to answer a few questions.

"Hey Teebz. Are you going to the Vancouver Olympics? Are they allowing bloggers to cover the action? Thanks in advance." - Tim B.

Great question, Tim. I won't be in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. I'd love to go, but I simply can't find the vacation time at work nor can I afford the stupid ticket prices on my current blogging salary. In terms of being credentialed, the Olympics are normally one the biggest press events every four years, especially when you consider all the countries that attend. Being that it's in Canada, I'm sure there will be coverage of every sport right down to what colour underwear the athletes are wearing. Non-credentialed bloggers, like myself, apparently need not apply in terms of covering the event.

"Teebz, do you think that Cam Ward or Eric Staal should be on the radar for Team Canada with as bad as Carolina has been so far? Who would be your starting goaltender?" - Steven L.

I always like these questions. No matter how well one puts together the reasons for a player to be included or not included, someone else always has a differing opinion. That's why these types of questions are great: it promotes some real thought about the game.

Back to your question, Steven. Cam Ward is simply not going to make it. With Marc-Andre Fleury playing as well as he has thus far in the season, he would be the guy I would have on the bench behind Martin Brodeur. Yes, that's right: I would start Brodeur based upon international experience. That leaves Roberto Luongo as the odd-man out. I know Vancouver-ites won't like this, but he's hurt and he hasn't played all that well yet this season.

As for Eric Staal, I don't think you can count out his presence, but I'd have him on the taxi squad, replaced by San Jose's Patrick Marleau. Marleau didn't handle the captaincy in San Jose very well, but he scores when there is no pressure on him. Putting him with Joe Thornton would take some of the pressure off, and he has the wheels to make Canada significantly faster down the wing. So, in short, Staal will be there, but he and Luongo will be sharing popcorn in the press box based on their play so far.

I received an email from Alexandru M. who wanted to know if I could post a couple of videos on my blog. Now, I'm not being paid or sponsored or anything by Alexandru or Samsung, but they are offering a contest for someone to attend the Vancouver Olympics! If there's one thing that this blog promotes, contests with awesome prizes are something I can get behind.

First, let's check out these videos. Nothing says Canada like hockey and curling. So what happens when these two sports combine?

Whoa. That's a heavy shot.

Secondly, I'm always amazed that figure skaters can skate without killing themselves after performing a scratch spin while accelerating in the spin. Personally, I'd be dizzier than a drunk with vertigo. So what happens when a skater one-ups another skater's spin?

Drilling for fish, anyone?

While these two videos are obviously made with a little help from some editing, they are pretty good. The hockey one is especially good with the shattering glass and the destroyed canteen. Wouldn't it be cool to see something like in Vancouver?

Well, maybe you can. You see, Samsung is offering up a prize for their "Samsung Mobile Explorers" contest. That prize is a trip for two to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Your responsibility there will be to film all sorts of "Wow" moments. How cool is that? You and your partner-in-crime in your Mobile Explorer video will have an opportunity to go to the Winter Olympic Games and film some incredible moments. Like when Team Canada captures a gold medal in the men's and women's ice hockey events. Because that would be a "wow" moment for me. The only catch? You have to be a Canadian resident to participate.

Get in their site and start seeing how you can win this opportunity!

Now, for my American readers, I can't give you the same opportunity. It appears that Samsung is not offering the contest to Americans through their website. I apologize for this, but there will be an HBIC contest coming up later this week. Stay tuned for that one so I can get you something good. It won't be a trip to the Olympics, but HBIC is one place where you can truly get something for nothing. Well, almost nothing. You just have to read.

94 days, kids, and the Olympics will be on us. And two of you could be attending!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Vancouver realtor said...

I am super excited for the Olympics. Too sad about the prices, they really are ridiculous. It's sad that so many tickets are given out to the organizers and sportsmen/women. I think more tickets should be available for the public and definitely for cheaper prices. It's one in a life time opportunity to have the Olympics in your town and most people will miss it because of the prices. Awesome videos by the way, we should definitely invent a new sport called Curlhockey...haha.

Take care, Jay