Saturday, 10 July 2010

HBIC Comics - Volume 1

Here it is, kids! HBIC is bringing you some hockey-related comic strips on Saturdays for a little added humor to your weekend. As you know, most newspapers run full-colour comic strips on the weekend. However, hardly any of them have hockey content in them. Because of this, I've contacted a few of my favorite comic strip writers/artists and asked them to contribute to the HBIC Comics. We'll run this every Saturday, and I'll include a little info on where you can find more comics and a link how to get there. If you click on the comic strip, it will open bigger in a new window for easier reading! Let's get going!

Benchies is a comic strip produced by Rick Pearson. Mick and Mike find themselves in all sorts of humorous situations, and hockey is just one of those situations where crazy things happen to the guys! You can find more of Mr. Pearson's Benchies every weekend on Uni Watch Blog where Mick and Mike get up to all sorts of hijinks!

Here is your Benchies for July 10:

Small Market Sports is a comic strip produced by Bill Charbonneau where his cast of characters are always up to something. There's Carter (the baseball), Doug (the football), Dave (the sports radio), Nash (the basketball, and Wayne (the hockey puck). Named after the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, Wayne the puck is "a hot-tempered and slightly egotistical 'super-star' (in his own mind, anyway). As the ambassador to his sport, he is quick to defend the unrelenting jabs about the excessive violence that permeates his hockey. Even if he has to drop his gloves and knock some teeth in to do it." Mr. Charbonneau produces a new comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about these characters, and you can find them on Small Market Sports!

Here is a Small Market Sports comic strip for July 10:

Bizarro is a fun comic strip produced by Dan Piraro. Dan takes the mundane, everyday occurrences and puts a new twist on them by looking at them from a different angle. Honestly, his work makes me laugh all the time because of its twisted humor, but that's why it's a such a great comic strip. Dan's Bizarro can be found on his blog, BizarroBlog, where he posts daily.

Here is your Bizarro for July 10:

Now, those are the only three comic strip authors/artists that responded in regards to me using their proprietary work. I plan on adding more, but without permissions to use the comic strips, I'm kind of at a standstill right now. However, a huge thank you goes out to Rick Pearson, Bill Charbonneau, and Dan Piraro for allowing me to put together a hockey-related comics page each and every Saturday.

If you know someone who would like their work published, please have him or her contact me here. Whether you're an amateur or a professional artist, I'd be happy to feature your work on my site!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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