Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Forever Young

I received a very interesting email from Zachary C. today. Zachary wanted me to check out a video about a lady that I'm assuming he knows. I'll explain how these two people may know each other below, but the lady to the left is the lady whose story Zachary wanted me to hear. Meet Diane Pieknik, a semi-retired, 65 year-old Farmington Hills, Michigan lady who loves the Detroit Red Wings and has recently began laying hockey herself. That's right: she took up hockey for the first time ever at 65 after being forced into retirement with the recent harsh economic times.

The reason Zachary emailed me is that he works as a TV Producer at Erickson Living, a collection of retirement communities found across America. Diane is a resident at one of the Michigan-based Erickson Living communities, and Zachary went out and filmed Diane's story.

Honestly, Diane's story is very inspirational for anyone at any age, and she truly lives life to its fullest. She plays on a hockey team called the Voodoo Dolls, a team of women over the age of 18 - people starting their adult lives while Diane is entering into retirement! Diane doesn't look out of place on the ice in the short clips of her on skates. Her favorite Red Wings player is Todd Bertuzzi because... well, I'll let Diane tell you why in her own words.
How cool is that? I'm totally impressed with Diane's positive attitude in life and how she's embraced the game with which she's recently fallen in love. The best part might be that she understands the game more when watching her beloved Red Wings, and I'm happy to hear that. It shows that she's not just content with being a player, but rather that she's a student of the game!

I'm not here to promote the linked website for the retired community for which Zachary works, but I will trumpet Diane's story. Regardless of where she lives, her video is inspiring and it brought a smile to my face in hearing how much joy the game of hockey has brought to her. Winning or losing matters to a point I'm sure, but Diane speaks with exuberance and excitement about hockey because she loves the game itself. That's the kind of joy that I wish I'd see more of when parents are bringing their kids through the minor hockey system - "just enjoy yourself"!

Well done, Diane! You have a fan in this blogger, and I wish you nothing but success in your future hockey endeavors! Here's hoping you can win a championship with the Voodoo Dolls before you truly "retire" from the game! And if you ever want to get your thoughts out on the game of hockey, Diane, HBIC would be honoured if you wrote a piece about your own hockey experiences, being a Red Wings fan, or any other hockey topic you wish to cover! Contact me if you like to write about the game, Diane!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Michelle Brown said...

First off I would like to say Thank You for putting forth the effort to blog and keep it going with the finesse that you have shown in your stories. Secondly I would like to say that I just started following your blog this week and I am completely enthused by your Hockey Spirit! This article touched home for me as well. I am married mom of twin teenage boys. I started ice hockey in January of this year. I started because I love hockey, but I also love to get excercise as well. I had emailed the local ice rink to inquire about their adult learn to play hockey clinic. The only problem in Florida with ice hockey is that there is not many women who play, so if you want to play then you have to get out there with the guys! Very intimidating to say the least, but when I heard back from the director he said I was more than welcome. My first night I was torn between excitement and wanting to run for my life. I perservered and much to my surprise met another mom on the ice amongst the large number of guys who was eager to meet me. It was the day my life changed forever. I had never dreamed in a million years that I could play ice hockey. First off I live in Florida and who even sells ice hockey equipment and secondly I had not been ice skating in over 20 years! Guess what? There is quite a network of ice hockey equipment sellers right in my own county in addition to numerous ice rinks. I have since enrolled my sons in a youth league and they are on their way as well. My only problem is now I spend more time on the ice then I do the beach! I am hooked and my next challenge is to learn to tend the goal! I love hockey and I love that the woman in your story embraced the challenge to keep moving and get out there and get back up again even when you fall. Every woman is different in what makes them tick, but when she makes her mind up to do something look out! The world of ice hockey has so much to offer and the history is so rich. I am thankful to the Canadiens who have given rise and perfected the sport and made sure that its legacy did not end at the American border!

Teebz said...

Michelle, that is truly incredible! Congrats on hitting the ice and finding something that makes you tick!

As much as Canadians like to take credit for making the sport what it is today, it's been a world-wide effort to refine and evolve the game. We may have started it, but people like yourself make it better through your continued play and love of the game!

Thanks for writing, Michelle, and I wish you nothing but the best, especially if the goaltending bug catches you! ;o) And if you want to document your transition to becoming a goaltender, I'd be happy to offer HBIC as a space because I'm sure your story would be inspiring and encouraging for any other person - young or old - who is looking for some inspiration in their hockey dreams!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment and I appreciate the support! I will keep in touch about my goalie transition. Hockey is nothing short of edge of my seat exciting whether you are watching the game, talking about the game or playing the game! Who needs coffee when you have hockey! ;0)