Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm So Sick Of This

It was all supposed to be over. Everyone was going to be happy after Greg Jamison finally ended the drama in the desert with his purchase of the Coyotes franchise and the takeover of the arena. The NHL was to be satisfied, Jamison would get his team, the people of Glendale would be off the hook - more or less - for the franchise, and everything would be back to normal for the hockey world. Instead, Jamison missed his deadline for the arena lease, the NHL hasn't finalized the sale of the hockey club yet, the city of Glendale is behind on its payments to the NHL, and the hockey world is still waiting for a resolution to the longest conflict that has plagued the NHL. It seems we're back to square one in the desert.

The NHL didn't wait this long to move the Thrashers. Heck, the NHL didn't wait this long to move the Jets, the Nordiques, the North Stars, the Seals, the Barons, the Flames, the Scouts, or the Rockies, yet we sit here and await the next great hype to come along and save the Coyotes.

If Quebec City wants the franchise, let the Coyotes play out the season in the desert, and then move the team to La Belle Province. The life support that this team continually requires to keep itself afloat in the desert should be capped at a limit. The NHL can do that by simply opening up the bidding to any and all prospective owners with no preventative measures to keep the team in Glendale.

If the NHL wants to become stronger, it's time for them to stop propping up failing franchises. It isn't working in Arizona, and it's never going to work when clowns like Jamison appear on the horizon with a tin badge and white hat riding a valiant steed of misdirection and poor financial backing. It's time to cut ties on the old west, and allow this team to move northeast where they will be financially profitable and successful.

Like Wile E. Coyote, the NHL continually takes an anvil to the head when chasing these prospective buyers. It's time for the NHL to re-examine its plans and find a better way to avoid the anvil while catching its roadrunner. They can start by looking outside the desert.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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