Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Bucket List?

Tonight's game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhawks will probably make highlight reels for a long time. It wasn't the play on the ice that will keep people talking about this game, but this gentleman and his female accomplice to his right. You see, that's not his helmet that's he's wearing. No, that helmet belongs to current Winnipeg Jet Adam Pardy. And clearly from the look on this Blackhawks fan's face, he's probably had one too many to have thought through his idea to acquire Pardy's helmet.

So how did he gain possession of Mr. Pardy's helmet? Here's the video. Watch carefully. For two reasons.
As you can see, this fan simply reached down and pulled Pardy's helmet off his head. He then decided to don the helmet while having the fans around him cheer him on for his spontaneous move. I'll say this: to each their own on this one.

I have a serious problem with a guy tearing a helmet off a player who was trying to help the fans out. Pardy was trying to hold the glass from falling over the fans in the first few rows when this intoxicated fan decided to add his name to the list of fans who decided to inject themselves into the game. Also, I cannot fathom why a guy would put a sweaty, smelly helmet from a hockey player on his own head. I get that he may be under the influence of a little liquid courage, but that's just gross. Ew.

But my issue isn't with the helmet-wearing inebriate. No, my issue is with the blond woman he's staring at in the lede photo. You may ask why I have an issue with her, and there's a simple answer: she poured a glass of beer on Adam Pardy. Explain to me why one would even consider doing something like this! Had this been the 1970s, we could have seen players into the crowd and laying a beating on a fan - mostly likely the guy with Pardy's helmet - for having had a beer poured on someone's head!

The woman who committed this act should be reprimanded for her actions. That kind of crap can't go on, and she needs to be made responsible for her actions. As for the man in the helmet? I guess he can cross Adam Pardy off his "bucket list".

Until next time, keep your beer in your glass!

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