Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End Of 2013

Tonight, the vast majority of the world welcomes a new calendar year. Some are already into 2014 at the time of this post, and that's alright too. I have had a fun year writing and reading your comments, and I really want to thank you, the readers, for stopping by when you can. You've been candid and honest in your comments and I thank you for that. You're been funny and informative, and there's no amount of gratitude I can show that will say "thank you" enough.

As we toast a great year that comes to a close tonight, I'm not going to do any highlights or best-of lists. This is my thank you to you, readers, for providing me with a reason to continue to write. I get a lot of comments on my Facebook page about the articles I write, so "friend" me there and we discuss stuff there. I also work through Twitter quite a bit, so tweet me there and we can chat as well.

You guys are the best, so I really wanna say,
You guys are awesome! Keep being awesome in 2014. It makes writing so much easier! Stay safe tonight, please don't drink and drive, enjoy your company, and I'll see you in 2014!

Until next year, keep your sticks on the ice!

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