Sunday, 24 August 2014

Credit To The Aussies

I have to admit that the Australian Ice Hockey League flies under the radar here at HBIC. It's not to say that the ice hockey played in the Land Down Under isn't good, but it's simply not a high-profile league. In fact, Australia hasn't produced many hockey victories on the major international stage, but they are producing highlights. Yesterday's game between the Perth Thunder and the Melbourne Ice produced one such moment!

The Washington Capitals have the distinction of being the only NHL team to have drafted an Australian-born when they selected Nathan Walker in the third round of this year's NHL Entry Draft. While Nathan has yet to build his own highlight reel, the Capitals - already armed with goal celebrator Alex Ovechkin - may want to take a flyer on Ric Del Basso of the Perth Thunder.

With Melbourne and Perth knotted up and in the shootout, Del Basso had his number called by Perth coach Stan Scott. Del Basso isn't known for his scoring ability as he's netted just three goals in 65 AIHL games. However, shootouts produce heroes, and Del Basso will stand as a hero for at least one game. Huge thanks to Reddit's DarylHafsack for posting this!

I can't recommend this celebration be done anywhere else as it's a little dangerous, especially when one considers how much strain would be placed on one's neck, but that was a celebration for the ages. Considering Del Basso's lack of goals to celebrate in his career thus far, I'd say he deserves a little slack when it comes to this celebration.

Until next time, keep your sticks - or helmet? - on the ice!

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