Sunday, 5 October 2014

Another Year Quietly Passes

If you're wondering what may have happened to me today, I've been busy with family. They're pretty much the only people who noticed it was my birthday. That's ok, I suppose, but sometimes you wonder if people really notice you. I have made a concerted effort this past year to do less texting with friends, opting instead to call and hold on to that "human touch" that we seem to have lost in this digital age. Sure, I still email and tweet, but I watch people walk around with their faces buried in their phones, missing everything going on around them. Such is life, I guess, but it seems very wasteful.

I do want to thank my parents, my brother, and a few people from work for remembering and reaching out to make contact. Hearing their voices and seeing their faces made the day a little brighter. Spending time with them - y'know, real human interaction - was nice instead of an impersonal text message. I don't need to see emojis of birthday cakes or presents.

I'm not writing this to be a downer. I really do appreciate everyone who has contributed to this blog, made an impact on my life, and been a part of something real away from the electronic gadgets. I really do. But occasionally, I find myself wanting more. Wanting some human interaction where I can hear emotion in a person's voice. Wanting to see a smile from someone who truly appreciates spending some time together. Wanting just to hear the smallest of courtesies in a "happy birthday".

Yet I didn't. And another year passed by quietly for me.

On a secondary note, after having moved to my new locale, I finally have some time to get the remaining HBIC Playoff Pool prizes out. They were buried in a box, and I have located them. Mike and Ryan, expect them shortly. Mail goes out today.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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