Saturday, 7 March 2015

Music And Hockey Once More

I've written a few of these updates to show how prevalent hockey is in the music industry, but it seems like there are always more examples as musicians continue to show support for various hockey teams. It crosses all genes of music as well - country, rock, metal, and hip-hop - so it's not like there is one musician who is found wearing a dozen hockey jerseys. Ok, there might be one singer/songwriter who does and, yes, she's featured on today's update too. Let's continue down the path of bringing music and hockey together!

If you haven't seen the full list, you can find it here. Click on the team name, and the roster of musicians appears. Pretty nice little piece of coding there, right? Onward to the updates!

We'll start with the youngest person to be added to the musician list. You probably know Maisy Stella best from her work on the TV show Nashville where she plays character Daphne Conrad. However, she and her sister, Lennon, are fairly accomplished singers as their parents are Brad and Marylynne Stella aka the Stellas! Here's Maisy showing her support for the Nashville Predators!

Jim Cuddy is a well-known singer and songwriter here in Canada thanks to his work with Blue Rodeo. Jim is also heavily involved in the Juno Cup, a hockey game where musicians, former pro players, and other dignitaries play to raise money for the MusiCounts charity. Needless to say, Jim is a big hockey fan and a good ol' Canadian boy. Here's Jim sporting the jersey of the WHL's Saskatoon Blades, and a really old photo of him wearing the uniform of the Banff Springs Warriors!

Snoop Dogg appears regularly in these updates as he truly seems to love wearing hockey uniforms. Maybe he's a major hockey fan as well? I'd hope he is with the number of uniforms we've seen him in. Anyway, he's back again today, and he's sporting a beauty! Here is Snoop Dogg wearing a jersey from the NCAA's UMass-Lowell Riverhawks! That's awesome!

With his involvement in basketball and having owned part of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, it's hard to imagine that Jay-Z would have any interest in hockey. In fact, I don't think Jay-Z has ever acknowledged that hockey has ever existed. However, that didn't stop the Carolina Hurricanes from giving him a personalized jersey!

Hockey is pretty big out in Newfoundland, and the musicians that come from there seem to have a deep appreciation for the game of hockey. One such musician is Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle, and he's participated in a number of charity hockey games. One of the cool things about being a celebrity on the Rock? The local team usually bestows a uniform on you! Case in point is the AHL St. John Maple Leafs uniform that Alan Doyle owns! How cool!

It's no secret that Alice Cooper is an Arizona/Phoenix Coyotes fan after he was invited back to their retro jersey night and had his face added to the back plate of Mike Smith's retro mask! It might be hard to picture Cooper in his Coyotes garb, but would it be weirder to imagine him in a Buffalo Sabres jersey? Somehow, that doesn't look right.

He's known for his New York shows and he's playing Madison Square Garden until he decides he's done, but Billy Joel is an icon in the music world. There's no denying his ties to New York City, and the Rangers gave him his own personalized jersey for his work at MSG!

The woman who seems to appear in every update and should honestly now have a closet full of hockey uniforms? That would be Taylor Swift. We'll add one more to the list as she shows up in this update wearing a Philadelphia Flyers jersey!

There's another round-up of musicians supporting hockey teams. If you have a photo you want to send in, fire it off in an email to me! I'll credit you with the find and we'll continue to add names to the master list of musicians!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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