Tuesday, 12 January 2016

It's A Tire Fire

The above image is a look inside the Winnipeg Jets' dressing room right now. This team is a burning tire fire. It's hard to watch this team struggle mightily against teams that are below the likes of Dallas and Nashville when they play so well against the upper-echelon teams. Why does this happen? No idea. I've heard the "these guys are pros so they should play with the same desire every night" line, but we're all human. No one gives 100% every day of the week in a sport that takes its tolls physically and mentally on players. That's a fact. But to watch this tire fire burn brightly against the likes of the Sabres and Sharks is pretty concerning.

The Jets played the Sabres on Track Suit Night with Evander Kane and his boasts in the lineup like they were out for a pleasure skate. Zero effort, no physicality, and a total lack of give-a-poop by this squad. Tonight against the San Jose Sharks, it was another lackadaisical affair by the home squad who look like they'd rather be somewhere else than at the rink. Two losses to two teams that the Jets should have and needed to beat to give them a shot at getting into the playoff picture, and the Jets show up like they're going for a root canal. Compounding that problem is that the Jets COULD be in a playoff spot right now with the likes of Nashville, Colorado, and Minnesota all dropping recent games.

Doctors hooked up a few random players - names withheld, of course - to the newest medical device in the trainers' room, and the results should have the Jets' brass concerned. And I apologize for the name of this device, but I didn't invent it. Here is some video of the results.

It's gut-check time for the Jets. For them to show up on Sunday and play like they did after all the garbage that Evander Kane spewed towards Winnipeg and the Jets franchise is an insult to the logo and the fans of this city. And for them to duplicate the results tonight with a second outing of garbage? It's time to start sending messages. I don't care who you are or what you're paid, there will be guys sitting. If the message still doesn't get through, guys will be moved. The last two games have been embarrassing.

While the fans of the Jets are lamenting the fact that the team will most likely miss the playoffs this season, the reality of the situation is that they don't even belong in TimBits tournament in reflecting on the last two games. Don't complain about not being in the playoffs this year, Jets fans. It literally would be another four-and-out. The reality, though, is that this team doesn't deserve to even have the word "playoffs" mentioned in the same breath.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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