Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Hockey Show - Episode 186

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, is doing something we've never done before as we take the show on the road! We're live on-location tonight at a place where fun will be had by all who visit this weekend, and we're promoting not only the work they do there, but the people who work there! Tonight's show will also be special because we're broadcasting live on both Periscope and Facebook Live because this show is a little more visual than most!

The Hockey Show is proud to be broadcasting live from the brand-new Bad Axe Throwing location here in Winnipeg! Beans and I will toss discretion to the wind to become axe-throwing hockey hooligans on this night as UMFM and The Hockey Show are the first radio show to broadcast from Bad Axe Throwing's new address at 6-1393 Border Street! Why is that address important? Because they're having an OPEN HOUSE THIS WEEKEND where you can come down and toss an axe or hatchet for free! Pretty awesome, right? If you tune into the Periscope or Facebook Live broadcasts as well, we'll do a quick walk-through of the new location here in Winnipeg as Bad Axe Throwing looks to leave its mark on the Winnipeg entertainment scene!

We'll meet some of the axe-pert axe-throwing mentors you'll meet when you visit Bad Axe Throwing, we'll see how Beans and I do when we throw axes at the targets, we'll talk about the dos and don'ts of axe-throwing so you'll know the rules when you get here, and we'll chat a little hockey too! Because Bad Axe Throwing is based in Toronto, there will be some Maple Leafs fans on-hand as they prepare for the grand opening of Bad Axe Throwing and we'll chat with them about the Leafs and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs! If we get the time, we'll also squeeze in a little WHL chatter with Brandon up 3-1 on the Moose Jaw Warriors, and we'll talk Allan Cup as both the South East Prairie Thunder and the Île-des-Chênes North Stars look to bring the Allan Cup home to Manitoba! All of this happens tonight only on The Hockey Show on 101.5 UMFM!

The phone lines will be closed because we're not in the studio tonight. Because of that, make sure you tune your radio dial in the Winnipeg region to 101.5 on your FM dial or listen live between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on your web-enabled device at the UMFM webpage! As an alternate feed, we'll also be broadcasting on the UMFM Alternate Stream that can also be accessed with any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be listening!

Tweet me anytime with questions you may have by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter. If you're on Twitter or have the Periscope app, you will be able to watch us throw axes as we broadcast the entire radio show live for the first time ever! If you want to see Beans and I assume our lumberjack status, today would be a good time to follow me on Twitter and on Periscope. It's going to be insane!

You can also post some stuff to Facebook if you use the "Like" feature, and I always have crazy stuff posted there that doesn't make it to the blog or show. I'll be using Facebook Live for a second broadcasting option, so get over there and get hooked up on my page. Like Periscope, we'll broadcast the entire show online for all to see, and the replay will be available via my Facebook feed for all eternity! Or some length of time. You know what I mean.

Tonight, we take you to Bad Axe Throwing where Beans and I will get our axe-throwing selfs into some trouble on The Hockey Show only on 101.5 UMFM!

PODCAST: April 14, 2016: Episode 186

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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