Friday, 2 December 2016

Another Zamboni Death

Apparently, the idea of dying via zamboni appeals to some people. If you recall, a few weeks ago I wrote an article about Jay Thomas and his character on Cheers being written off the show via an unfortunate accident involving a zamboni. Well, it turns out that referencing a show from the 1980s isn't very popular with the kids today because I got several emails "reminding" me of the most recent zamboni accident captured on the silver screen as performed by the Marvel character shown above. While the scene in Deadpool is only a few seconds long, it apparently scored well with fans of the movie!

I've seen the movie a couple of times, and I have to admit that Ryan Reynolds played the part of Wade Wilson/Deadpool extremely well. For the clip below, I've chosen the not-rated-R version of the clip out of respect for some of the younger folk who read this blog. If you want to see the R-rated version of the clip, I'm sure YouTube has it.
As you can see, the death of the evildoer that Deadpool was planning most likely took the entire five minutes that he promised thanks to the speed of the zamboni. The clip in the movie is literally just a minute long as he dismantles the criminal ties to Ajax, but the zamboni death portion of the one-minute portion of the film registered well with audiences.

According to a, there was the potential for Deadpool to utter a punny line, but director Tim Miller went with the five-minute line when it came to the final cut. EW's Joe McGovern writes,
When Deadpool is pursuing a bad guy on an ice skating rink in — what else — a Zamboni, the film's executive producer Aditya Sood pitched the perfect Schwarzenegger-esque line: "Ice to see you!" It made everyone laugh, but in a photo finish, director Tim Miller chose the "I'm going to kill you... in five minutes!" taunt instead.
I prefer the five-minute line myself as the other just sounds cheesy and very un-Wade Wilson. What makes the full one-minute, butt-kicking scene so good is that when the scene shifts to Wilson/Pool tacking a photo of the goon-on-ice to his criminal target board, it's literally one of Wilson's doodles on a Post-It Note labeled "Zamboni Guy". The subtle comedy in this movie goes beyond just the one-liners and smart-ass quips.

If you are of age, I suggest checking out Deadpool. It's probably not a date-night movie unless your date enjoys an action-filled, R-rated superhero movie with many pop culture references, but that might be right down your alley. And don't expect a PG-13 movie or any Hugh Jackman/Wolverine sightings.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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