Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Round Two Starts Now!

With the overtime finish in Washington tonight between the Hurricanes and Capitals, this got pushed back a little later than I originally had planned. Thankfully, we didn't need a six-overtime epic for this one, so I can post this with some time to go. The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starts tomorrow, so you'll need to get this one in quick. However, I realize that time zones and work hours and all the things that are a hundred times more important than this pool, so I'm gonna cut everyone a break as well. Read down to see what that break is and how it affects you. After all the craziness in these playoffs, I figure everyone deserves something to help them.

First, the business side of the equation: here's the new spreadsheet for Round Two. Same rules as before - rename it with your name AND ADD "R2" AT THE END, and then send it to me at this email address.

As you'll notice, there are no player selections for each division this time. Your scorers that you chose at the beginning are your scorers for the playoffs. No exceptions and no changes. Unfortunately, no one has more than two scorers remaining and a few people are already down to zero. The upsets in the first round really hurt the scoring threats that people assumed would go the distance. C'est la vie in the 2019 edition of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As for the break I'm offering, I realize that time is of the essence when it comes to getting this spreadsheet in. So to alleviate any late entries, everyone in the pool gets the Boston-Columbus Game One result for free. That's right: a free point for simply getting the sheet in prior to the St. Louis-Dallas game. And please don't send in a sheet with the game-winning goal scorer for the Boston-Columbus game either - you're already getting that game gratis. There won't be any added points awarded.

I can already hear some of you saying, "But Teebz, if everyone gets a point, that doesn't benefit me at all!" Well, yes, you're right. As Syndrome points out, there is no real benefit to this break other than making it as fair as possible for those people who have other things happening that may prevent them from getting the spreadsheet submitted before the Boston-Columbus game because there's less than 24 hours between the end of Round One and the start of Round Two. I'm not going to penalize people for having lives, so let's quiet down about this not benefitting people. It benefits all by being fair to everyone. Ok? Ok.

Finally, the leaderboard will be updated some time on Thursday, so make sure you check in and see where you are in the standings. I will put the table back in to make the leaderboard pretty, but I simply didn't feel like coding the other day. Yes, I was lazy.

Get your picks in ASAP, and let's get on with Round Two!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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