Monday, 6 July 2020

Lehner's Gear

When the Vegas Golden Knights acquired goaltender Robin Lehner from the Chicago Blackhawks at the trade deadline, it was a bit of a shock in that it seemed they had been comfortable with Malcolm Subban as Marc-Andre Fleury's backup. Obviously, the Golden Knights wanted to solidify all positions heading into the playoffs, and the trade for Lehner definitely did that for the crease. However, the pandemic shutdown meant we didn't see much of Robin Lehner in the Vegas nets, but I really want to see him play more after his new gear arrived during the pandemic shutdown!

Here is Lehner's new mask that he'll be sporting in Edmonton when Vegas takes the ice for the restart and playoffs!
While the demond skulls on the top of the mask remain as they did since his time with the Islanders where he spoke about battling demons, the addition of the angry Pandas in the knight's helmet with the swords is pretty awesome. The hashtag "#SameHere" on his helmet represents the SameHere Global Mental Health Movement that seeks to build a society where people can openly discuss their challenges of which Lehner is a part, and he wore that in Chicago as well.

In other words, Lehner's mask is still pretty awesome.

However, if we're going for full awesome, check out his new gear!
Full marks to Brian's for their amazing custom goalie gear that Lehner will wear. The knights on the pads are incredible, and the Vegas stars on both the blocker and glove are a nice accent for this set. Without a doubt, this might be the best-looking goalie gear in the NHL. Might I dare say, the world? Either way, Robin Lehner is going to be one stylish goaltender when hockey returns, and I'm excited to see him in his new mask and pads!

What do you think of Lehner's new gear? Sound off in the comments!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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