Monday, 15 February 2021

A Non-Hockey Day

It's a holiday for several provinces in Canada today, and I'm going to use this day to accomplish some stuff I want to do. It should be noted that the AHL got underway this past weekend in cities across Canada and the US, and there's hope on this side of the keyboard that they have learned from the preseason problems and the NHL's problems that avoiding COVID-19 is a bigger job than just "being careful". As we saw in the Henderson-San Jose game that was cancelled, this effort to keep players and staff safe requires foresight, planning, testing, careful evaluations of results, and a repeat if a positive test is found. My hope is that the short AHL season won't be derailed, but hope won't get anyone far if proper measures aren't take for safety.

One of the things I'm doing today is turning off my phone. It's so easy to be attached to one's phone with all the apps and texts that one may receive, so I'm turning it off for most of the day today while I pursue other interests. I will turn it back on for the Jets game tonight against the Oilers because it's a comedy festival on Twitter whenever the Jets play, but I'll keep it off for the vast majority of the day.

In saying that, I am cracking another spine on a book as I dig into another author's great work. No previews on what title I've chosen, but this author does have other works on HBIC that I've reviewed in the past. If his newest tome is as enjoyable as the last ones I read, I'm in for a fun read once more! Watch for the review soon!

I also dove into the culinary scene yesterday, so I want to continue on that path today as I made all sorts of stuff to enjoy as this cold weather snap continues. If there's one benefit to cooking and baking while it's frigidly cold outside, it's that the kitchen stays warm with the oven on. I can't say I'm not enjoying that, but the cookies and food that I've been making are keeping me happy. Good food, it seems, soothes the soul!

Where did this cooking urge come from, you ask? I happened to watch Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy on Sunday, and watching him sample all sorts of good food make me yearn for some of my own. The spaghetti alla nerano he eats towards the end of the episode looks so good and really puts a nice spin on what zucchini can be used for, so I have to say that Tucci inspired me to put my chef's hat on... despite me not being a chef.

In any case, that's my day today. I'll watch hockey tonight when the Jets and Oilers meet in the Alberta capital, but I'm taking a day off from the hockey world to indulge in some other things I enjoy doing! Enjoy your day, folks, and we'll get back at it tomorrow!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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