Saturday, 27 March 2021

Ten CDs For A Penny?

I used to scan the page of Columbia House music as a kid that would make its way to my house. The offer - a random amount of CDs for a penny - was a no-brainer to me until I presented it to my parents who told me that I should read the fine print. At the time, I was never concerned about fine print when ten CDs could be had for a penny. Heck, let's order a hundred CDs for a dime, right? Sadly, that was never the case.

Why am I writing about ordering CDs for a penny? Music, it seems, has a way of finding its way into all our lives for a number of reasons. Whether it's a song that triggers a memory about a time in one's life or a song that a group of friends sang along to when everyone didn't have the pressures of adulthood, music has a way to stir memories and evoke feelings in all of us.

Perhaps one of the more overlooked aspects of music is the art featured on album covers. Whether you prefer CDs or vinyl, there were always incredible pieces of art featured on alubm covers for a vast number of bands. There are a number of instantly-recognizable album covers out there - Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles' Abbey Road, and Nirvana's Nevermind to name a few - but a lot often are missed simply due to lack of commercial success for the band. We're heavily-influenced by the songs we hear on the radio as youngsters, and often those songs end up in our collective playlists through the purchase of albums. If bands with incredible album art aren't played on commercial radio, would you even know they exist?

It's that question of existence that sees two ideas merge together in another Canada West hockey marketing idea as I tackle the music world just as I did with the motion picture world one week ago. And because we're talking about Columbia House's incredible offer, let's make it easy by offering ten albums for the low, low price of FREE!
Here are the various albums chosen for the ten CDs you can get for that low price as I perform a mashup of Canada West with music!

Team: UBC Thunderbirds
Band: The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Album: Roll Of The Dice

People will remember this album as "the second one without Jimmie Vaughan", but Roll of the Dice was a return to the Thunderbirds' rocking ways. Like the band, there will be new faces to play parts on ice, but you'll be rocking with the UBC Thunderbirds.

Team: Calgary Dinos
Band: Alice In Chains
Album: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Well-received by fans and critics, the fifth Alice in Chains album was a chart-topper. Based on recruiting and returnees, we might see the Calgary Dinos at the top of the Canada West charts by the end of the 2021-22 season based on their 2019-20 success!

Team: Alberta Pandas
Band: Desiigner
Album: Panda (Single)

Rolling Stone named Panda as one of the best hits in 2016, but the Alberta Pandas have been one of the best teams for a long time. The song spent 17 weeks in the top-ten whereas the hockey team is there annually thanks to good tempo on the ice and excellent arrangement by the coaches.

Team: Saskatchewan Huskies
Band: No Metal In This Battle
Album: The Husky Tape

NMITB is a punk band from Luxembourg who rock hard on good melodies without a vocalist. Like the band, the Saskatchewan Huskies play hard as a team to generate the sound of success. That teamwork is why they're always near the top of the CanWest charts!

Team: Mount Royal Cougars
Band: The Stranglers
Album: Feline

A 1970s English punk rock band, The Stranglers still perform today after mainstream success in the past. The Cougars, like the band, found success in the past in the ACAC, but have rose to the challenge and are back to successful form in Canada West! Could we see a chart-topping album in 2021-22?

Team: Regina Cougars
Band: Koen Holtkamp
Album: Field Rituals

Holtkamp's music combines synth, guitar, and earthly sounds for a unique album. The Cougars, like Holtkamp, rely on some very basic building blocks for success such as hard work, good teamwork, and sound defence. The end result when combined is an enjoyable experience!

Team: Trinity Western Spartans
Band: Harlem Spartans
Album: Bye Bye

The British hip-hop group started making music in youth centers in the UK. Like the band, the young Spartans hockey team will look to hone their skills after joining the Canada West label, and there's hope that they'll rise to fame like the rappers did!

Team: Manitoba Bisons
Band: Foo Fighters
Album: Five Songs and a Cover

The Foo Fighters are certainly a recognizable band, but this album is one of their lesser-known releases. Like the Foo, the Bisons are well-known, but their 2021-22 album is all about singing a new tune that involves wins, successes, and growth! They're looking to shoot up the charts!

Team: MacEwan Griffins
Band: Griffin
Album: Flight of the Griffin

Griffin's heavy metal sound is unmistakable for its thrashing speed by its guitarists. Expect the same from the Griffins on the ice as they'll be using their speed to thrash their opponents as they look to hoist the heavy metal of the Canada West Championship after owning the ACAC for the past few years!

Team: Canada West
Band: Queen
Album: Greatest Hits

Everyone has a Greatest Hits album in their collection, so we will too as we honour the teams no longer with us. This album remembers teams of the past like the Lethbridge Pronghorns, the Brandon Bobcats, Lakehead University, the University of Winnipeg, and the Victoria Vikings.

There are your ten albums available through HBIC House for a single penny! While HBIC House doesn't formally exist, the nine teams who have album art dedicated to them do, and I'd suggest checking those albums out this October when they're delivered. There's always excitement and a good show at each of the rinks these "bands" will perform in, so get down and support your local hockey music acts when you can!

Did I miss on any of these album covers? Drop a note in the comments, and we can discuss!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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