Friday, 14 May 2021

Pools Are Closed

Had this been a normal year, sixteen competitors would be gearing up to cheer on their teams in Survivor: NHL Playoffs that we hold on The Hockey Show. Because we've been ousted from the studio for over a year now, this will be the second-straight year that Survivor: NHL Playoffs is cancelled for our loyal listeners, and I truly apologize for that. While it's not our doing, the fact that we can't seem to get this pandemic solved both locally and nationally has really put a damper on any and all playoff pools for me personally. On that note, the annual HBIC Playoff Pool will also be cancelled this season.

I love running these pools, but this season has neither felt right nor have I been excited for hockey whatsoever since I was unable to partake in my normal hockey activities once again this winter. I'd like to tell everyone reading this that I'm excited to watch the NHL teams in their new divisional configurations duke it out to see who stands as the winner following four rounds of hockey, but I'm not. I'm just not excited.

The Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest is one that has a ton of fun built into it, and it's a shame that we can't be in-studio to set this contest up for the listeners of The Hockey Show. The entries are limited to sixteen people, but those sixteen people make the contest so much fun with their exit interviews and the chance at winning some awesome prizes. With sponsors trying to make the best of a bad economic situation, holding this contest was going to be very difficult when it came to prizes. Not having the studio phone only made it impossible.

The HBIC Playoff Pool would be easier to run, but the prizing would have been terrible for those that entered. I'm not going to award terrible prizes to loyal readers because I feel you deserve better, but this blog generates a grand total of $0.00 annually, so I usually seek sponsors and donations for prizes, but, as stated above, those sponsors are not in a position to be doing that, so I won't put that demand on them.

Too long; didn't read? My interest in the NHL playoffs has waned, I had no prizes since sponsors are hurting, and these contests are run to thank those who listen and read regularly. This pandemic has gone on too long, in my view, and we really need to do our parts if we want things to get back to normal where HBIC and The Hockey Show run regular contests.

It's been a trying Friday for me today, so this one is short and not-so-sweet. With the NHL playoffs starting for US teams tomorrow while Canadian teams wait until Wednesday for the Canucks and Flames to finish off their seasons, I do hope there will be highlight-reel goals that stoke my passion for the NHL version of this game once more.

What I really want, though, is for the hockey with which I'm involved comes back stronger, better, and safer than it has been in some time. I think that will reignite my passion for the game after having been isolated from it for so very long.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the playoff pool, but I completely understand. I hope things turn around for Canada soon. Best wishes and stay well!
-a long-time reader in Pittsburgh

Teebz said...

It's good in some parts and a mess in others. I'm in one of the messes, so it's hard to be optimistic. Next season, they will be back. The lesson I learned? Plan much earlier than before. :)