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April 15, 2021: Episode 447
Tonight, Teebz meets Lorrie Stade, one of the organizers of the St. Adolphe Hockeyville entry into the Kraft Hockeyville contest! While St. Adolphe did fall short in their bid for $250,000 in rink repairs, they will receive $25,000 for being one of the four finalists! Teebz talks to Lorrie tonight about recovering from a very busy weekend, the support they received, the work needed to bring the rink back to "awesome" from its current state, some of the fundraising ideas they have, a great story about a grant for two hockey players in the community, and more! Lorrie sticks around for the news portion of the show as well, and Teebz and Lorrie breakdown the COVID-19 outbreak in the QMJHL and how it won't affect playoffs, the debacle surrounding Laurentian University, and Lorrie poses a question to Teebz that no one has asked before!

April 8, 2021: Episode 446
Jenna and I are honoured to welcome three-time Olympians and gold medalists Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando to the program in the first half-hour! These two women have done pretty much everything in hockey before the age of 32 before announcing their retirements earlier this spring, and Jenna and I will talk to them about a few of the details found in their new book Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equity which was reviewed here on HBIC! It's a very informative half-hour with the Lamoureux twins as we learn about them, hear their experiences, and get a glimpse of what their book features on the pages, so grab yourself a copy after the show tonight because they wrote an outstanding book! After a quick commercial break, Teebz and Jenna return to go over all the major hockey stories - hint: COVID-19! - from the past week!

April 1, 2021: Episode 445
Teebz and Jenna go over all over the major stories tonight that hit the headlines, along a few that didn't, from virtually every league on the planet. There are stories of racism in the WHL, recaps of NHL teams snapping streaks and falling into form, snippets of news from the ECHL, another great-but-overdue milestone in the QMJHL, news from Canada West, a KHL team coming back from voluntary suspension, a finale in the SDHL after COVID struck, a name change for an MJHL team, and a plea to help a town in Manitoba accomplish a dream! There is literally something for everyone in this episode, and we'll even tease out a major announcement for next week's show!

March 25, 2021: Episode 444
Teebz and Jenna sit down with Miss Christine Bumstead, head coach of the Pembina Valley Hawks U15 AAA Bantam Girls Team, and we discover everything that Christine is doing! She was a great player with the St. Mary's Academy Flames during her days on the ice, but she decided to pursue her education on a number of fronts rather than playing U SPORTS hockey and it seems that her choice has been a good one! We talk to her about being a pioneer with the St. Mary's prep team, choosing school over hockey, learning ASL and the paths that have opened because of that choice, getting a shot at coaching the Assiniboine Park Rangers Bantam Girls team (and last week's guest Kyleigh Johnson!), moving to Morden to teach middle school and becoming a coaching icon in the Pembina Valley, becoming a certified Zumba instructor, being part of the NHL Coaches Association's Development Program, and a ton more!

March 18, 2021: Episode 443
Teebz and Jenna meet teammates and defensive partners Kyleigh Johnson and Maggie Mitani who anchor the Avros' blue line! These two have one year left before they're likely off to post-secondary institutions due to their stellar play, and we'll chat with them tonight about playing against one another growing up, finding chemistry on the Avros' blue line, their accolades, their achievements, the attachment to their numbers, and more! Beyond that, we talk about the Jets against Montreal and their rather dismal efforts, who the ladies would trade for if they were Chevy, the announcements of the officials for the 2021 IIHF Women's World Championship in Halifax and Truro, Hayley Wickenheiser being inducted into the Canada West Hall of Fame, Ashton Bell's big goal for UMD in the NCAA Frozen Four tournament, Kenzie Lalonde making history in the QMJHL, the FISU 2021 Universiade happening despite a number of issues standing in its way, Ontario pushing for AAA girls hockey where Maggie shows her knowledge on the game, the SDHL postponing their championship final due to COVID-19, and more!

March 11, 2021: Episode 442
Teebz and Jenna venture into the Winnipeg suburbs to meet Kate, Brenya, Chloe, and Kayla who make up part of the St. Vital Vics U15 AA female team, and we learn all about them while talking about some of the major news stories from hockey this past week. Why do they wear their chosen numbers? What do they eat on gamedays and on cheat days? What are some of their career highlights? What rules would they change? We learn all about this as we discuss the Jets and the Leafs from Tuesday, lineup changes with the injury to Beaulieu, the importance of Hellebuyck, the NHL announcing helmets ads will remain permanently moving forward, the SPHL expanding and why it's important to note this specific expansion, the new NHL-ESPN deal and what it means, U SPORTS coaches who are gonna get to meet with world-class coaches, Evander Kane news, San Jose bankruptcy news, the PWHPA having no ratings in the US, and more!

March 4, 2021: Episode 441
The Hockey Show is proud, honoured, privileged, humbled and pleased to welcome Dr. Karolina Urban to the show! Dr. Urban has done incredible work in pediatric concussions, and she earned her Master's and PhD degrees in Canada while playing hockey! We'll talk to Karolina about emigrating to Canada at the age of four, moving to Toronto to play hockey with the University of Toronto Lady Blues, her incredible university career, getting drafted to and playing in the CWHL, playing in Europe, ball hockey, meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, how the women's pro gram has grown since she retired, and so much more!

February 25, 2021: Episode 440
Teebz chats with former Alberta Pandas forward Regan Wright about growing up in Calgary, playing for Team Alberta, putting her name on the map with the AFHL's Calgary Fire, a pile of accolades and achievements, playing for Coach Draper and the Pandas, winning a U SPORTS National Championship, and the one thing that may surprise most people about her. Perhaps more interesting to me was learning that she's basically been a genius since childhood, her efforts in the classroom on a project she did had a major effect on a Canadian landscape, and how those good marks and hard work have led to a new challenge!

February 18, 2021: Episode 439
Teebz welcomes back Jenna and we get Jenna's exam results - SPOILER: she's smart - before the duo discuss the ESPN COVID-19 report in depth with respect to dates and player reactions. They transition to the Katie Strang report about the Arizona Coyotes that raises a ton of questions about how business is being done in the desert. There are PHWPA updates and SDHL updates on the women's hockey scene that include some include some incredible stats by former U SPORTS players. They talk about the San Jose Sharks FINancial campaign, the Toronto Maple Leafs and their epic collapse, Alex Galchenyuk playing for his 263rd team in the last 18 months, a rather terrible moment of history for the Buffalo Sabres, a few recruiting notes as the Manitoba Bisons get strong, and a homecoming for a former Manitoba Bisons forward.

February 11, 2021: Episode 438
Teebz welcomes Jason Pchajek back to the show while featuring GM Jared in his first full episode while Jenna's off making her brain smart! The three gents discuss a couple of retirement announcements, Patrik Laine being benched in Columbus, Jack Roslovic looking the second coming of Rick Nash, Pierre-Luc Dubois' debut with the Jets and how roster mismanagement is killing the mojo the Jets seemed to have had, the new bosses in Pittsburgh, and the loss of TSN radio in Winnipeg and why Bell's corporate greed likely has ended any chance of there ever being a "Bell Let's Talk" day again.

February 4, 2021: Episode 437
Teebz and Jenna hunker down and discuss the hypocrisy of Paul Maurice's rant against the media questioning Blake Wheeler's defensive efforts, Kevin Sawyer's complete dissociation for the game he's watching, the Paul Maurice spectacles stats, the Penguins' search to replace Jim Rutherford, and the Carolina Hurricanes investing a pile of money in women's hockey. From there, the duo runs through all the COVID outbreaks seen in the NHL, AHL, and the IIHF over the last week before taking task with the lack of transparency and rather inept management in the NWHL that led to their two-week bubble blowing up and suspending their mini-season. They close the show with some good news from the PWHPA and some Olympics talk on this episode.

January 28, 2021: Episode 436
Teebz and Jenna kick off the show by talking about #BellLetsTalk and how to participate along with the University of British Columbia's and Mikayla Ogrodniczuk's work in mental health initiatives and charities before digging into the Patrik Laine trade that fetched Pierre-Luc Dubois from Columbus, the asset management of the Jets, and the Jets finding a new first line through this trade and Teebz proposes a fun nickname for that line. Other stories Teebz and Jenna discuss include the Jets record while Paul Maurice squints, San Jose opting to go with new merchandise provider, Washington introducing a rather underwhelming alternate jersey, Teebz goes on a rant about how Canadian media are clamouring to chat to anyone and everyone associated with the current two-week pro women's hockey tournament yet ignored the CWHL and are ignoring U SPORTS in their own backyards, the ECHL adds another team to its membership, and the Return to Play plans for both Alberta and Manitoba.

January 21, 2021: Episode 435
Teebz and Jenna try to make sense of the 2-1-0 Winnipeg Jets who have been thoroughly outplayed in all three games, yet hold a winning record. There's a reference to Paul Maurice's current record with the Jets when he's not wearing glasses in there before they break into a discussion on Jakub Voracek ripping into reporter Mike Sielski on a conference call, the Nashville-Carolina game that was postponed due to COVID-19 protocols, Team Canada's women's camp going into a bubble and some of the notable names both at and not at camp, why Team Canada might need to change strategies when it comes to the women's program, the IIHF Men's World Hockey Championship being moved from Belarus due to safety concerns and where it might land, and why the NHL is changing pucks mid-season.

January 14, 2021: Episode 434
The NHL kicked off its shortened season, and Teebz and Jenna get into everything that's happening surrounding the start of the NHL's 2020-21 campaign! They wrap-up the IIHF World Junior Championship, they chat about the COVID-19 problems already seen in the NHL, and they dissect the conference call Gary Bettman had with the media and explain why the NHL is pushing forward with this season despite "losing billions". There are a few shoutouts on the show to people in hockey, a segment all about Evander Kane's financial matters, a fun laugh about travel in the NHL with respect to the age of players, and they close the show with some ECHL news!

January 7, 2021: Episode 433
Teebz and Jenna welcome two-time Olympic gold medallist Cassie Campbell-Pascall to The Hockey Show! It's a huge honour to have Cassie on the show, and we chat with her about her playing career, her broadcasting career, switching positions, the demise of the CWHL, the growth of the women's professional league, her first night as a color analyst on Hockey Night in Canada, playing for the OUA's Guelph Gryphons, whether she'd ever want to coach at a high level, inducting more women into the Hockey Hall of Fame as part of the HHOF's Selection Committee, her thoughts on the NHL's all-Canadian North Division, which rinks she likes working in, and more!

December 31, 2020: Episode 432
It's a podcast version of The Hockey Show today as the UMFM 2020 Year-In-Review Top Twenty Extravaganza has pre-empted the show! Teebz is here to discuss the reaction people are having to blowouts at the IIHF World Junior Championship as the suggestions to change the tournament have been somewhat reasonable to downright crazy. Teebz also discusses why Jack Roslovic is making a big mistake, some of the player moves you may have missed in the NHL, and he sends 2020 off with a New Year's wish for all the listeners! All of this chatter happens below as we're not on UMFM tonight thanks to being pre-empted, so make sure you download or stream the audio below to hear Teebz's thoughts!

December 24, 2020: Episode 431
Teebz and Jenna break down what appears to be a fairly competitive World Junior Championship while making a few predictions, they discuss the NHL's proposed 56-game schedule and advertise­ments on helmets, they chat about an interesting offer made to Gritty, and Teebz thanks everyone who has appeared on the show in the last year! To round out the Christmas Eve show, Teebz and Jenna choose their five favorite Christmas songs in what will surely stir some debate! Happy holidays, everyone!

December 17, 2020: Episode 430
Teebz and Jenna play the overcautious parents to the IIHF's World Junior Championship with respect to everything they've done wrong so far in getting this tournament off the ground. Our two hosts then shift their focus to the WHL cancelling the start date to their season, whether or not the OHL will follow suit, the madness seen in the opening weekend of the ECHL, and how the NHL might navigate their season by watching another league's successes and failures. Teebz issues an apology to the San Jose Sharks, Teebz and Jenna talk about Jaromir Jagr's longevity in playing professional hockey, and they also take a quick look at having the Florida Panthers and Calgary Flames create departments specifically focused on goaltending.

December 10, 2020: Episode 429
Teebz goes one-on-one with former Lethbridge Pronghorns women's hockey assistant coach and current Coaldale Copperheads assistant coach Josh Elliott! Josh carved out a pretty interesting career as a player in and around the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge before stepping behind the bench. We learn about how he grew up in Coaldale, Alberta before joining the HJHL's Coaldale Copperheads where he played four seasons and earned some accolades. From there, we find out how he transitioned into coaching, some of the various roles he's had while coaching, how he ended up behind the bench of a U SPORTS women's hockey program, the cancellation of the Pronghorns, the potential revival of the Pronghorns, and how Josh is proving that one can go home again by joining the Copperheads as an assistant coach!

December 3, 2020: Episode 428
Teebz and Jenna spend another hour chatting with Hockey Night in Canada analyst Kelly Hrudey about all things NHL! We get the skinny on what Kelly thought of the bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto, working from home as an analyst, the lesson that the Tampa Bay Lightning learned, what needs to happen if the NHL wants a season to start in January 2021, which Reverse Retro jerseys he likes and doesn't like, speaking up and speaking out for Black Lives Matter, and there's some surprise news tucked into the interview about a new project Kelly is working on!

November 26, 2020: Episode 427
Teebz and Jenna welcome CWHL legend, NCAA legend, and Winnipeg-born Delayne Brian back to the show as we get caught up on the last two years of her life since she was last on the show! We discuss moving into coaching, retirement from the professional side of sports, her ball hockey and beer-league hockey careers, settling into Calgary as a resident, getting a new roommate, her perspective on the loss of the Pronghorns after she experienced the same thing with Wayne State, what needs to be done to bring professional women's hockey back, and we get her takes on the new Reverse Retro jerseys seen by the NHL.

November 19, 2020: Episode 426
Teebz and Jenna go through the 31 jerseys — why wasn’t Seattle included? — that the NHL revealed on Monday in their new "Reverse Retro" line of clothing. Find out which jerseys they liked and how many they hated, and one definitely outpaces the other. They also discuss all the shutdowns being seen in hockey across the planet with respect to the bubble situation that the NHL is planning, honour equipment managers thanks to two bits of news seen this past week, and they run through all the stats amassed by former Canada West women playing in professional leagues across the world!

November 12, 2020: Episode 425
Teebz and Jenna dive into the MacEwan Griffins once more as they welcome Griffins sniper Chantal Ricker to the program! Chantal's career has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to scoring goals and racking up points as a member of the Griffins, so we chat with her about growing up in Calgary, playing minor hockey in the Alberta city, the heartbreak she experienced as a member of the Calgary Fire, finding her way to Grant MacEwan University, some of the highlights and records she's amassed, and her thoughts on how MacEwan will fare next season in Canada West. We also have a story about quicksand that probably shouldn't be missed!

November 5, 2020: Episode 424
Teebz and Jenna welcome MacEwan Griffins goaltender Natalie Bender to the program! Natalie has played three years with the Griffins, helping them to two ACAC championships and was on the verge of a third championship before the season was abruptly cancelled. We talk to Natalie about her career, growing up, how she was not-recruited recruited to MacEwan but ended up starting there, some of the highlights and milestones she set, what her future holds, what makes the Griffins so good, and more! It’s a ton of laughs with a woman who will undoubtedly have an impact on Canada West hockey next season!

October 29, 2020: Episode 423
Teebz sits down with former Pronghorns forward Mikaela Reay to learn about her life, career, major, and thoughts on the entire debacle that surrounded the shuttering of the Pronghorns men's and women's hockey teams. We chat about growing up in Bashaw, Alberta, moving to Camrose, Red Deer, and Edmonton before landing in Lethbridge, how she was recruited, some of the milestones she hit, get the skinny on the amazing work she's doing in the classroom, and more! Oh, and we will have an update on the progress being made by the committee working to restore Pronghorns hockey!

October 22, 2020: Episode 422
Teebz and Jenna talk to Sami Jo Small about her new book, The Role I Played published by ECW Press! We talk to Sami about everything in her new book out in bookstores today - get yourself a copy! - including going to Nagano as part of the first women's hockey competition at the Olympics, her interactions with coaches and the portrayal of them in The Role I Played, some of the players she played with and who inspired her to follow her hockey dream, graduating from Stanford with her mechanical engineering degree and her work on hockey equipment, playing for Sweden, beep tests, and a lot more!

October 15, 2020: Episode 421
With players moving all over the map on free agency day, Teebz and Jenna focus on the seven Canadian teams and what they did to bolster their chances at winning the Stanley Cup! They break down the signings made by each team, some of the trades that led to signings, and have a very honest discussion about guys who were signed and being described as "good in the room" at the NHL level. They also look at the bigger signings seen on this Free Agency Day when it comes to dollar figures as Taylor Hall, Torey Krug, and Alex Pietrangelo get mentions along with the impending record that Patrick Marleau is about to break. They wrap up with a conversation about the QMJHL's latest news and how that may affect the other leagues who have yet to start hockey this fall!

October 8, 2020: Episode 420
Teebz and Jenna explain why Cole Perfetti joining the Winnipeg Jets might be the player they've been seeking for that second-line center position! Teebz offers up condolences over the loss of Eddie Van Halen and send out our hopes that Guy Lafleur can battle back from a second cancer diagnosis before Bryan chimes in with his celebration of Tampa Bay's Stanley Cup victory! After that, Teebz and Jenna discuss Perfetti, some of the highlights from the NHL Entry Draft, the NHL start date of January 1, 2021 for the next season, the Canada West decision date being moved and more COVID-19 craziness from the sports world, the Spengler Cup being cancelled, the LA Kings firing the guy in their mascot suit, all the new uniforms being seen in the NHL, some of the trades seen in the NHL over the last week, and our thoughts on the Jets exploring a Patrik Laine.

October 1, 2020: Episode 419
Teebz and Jenna welcome former University of Connecticut Huskies defender Jessica Stott to the show! Jessica grew up in Niverville before playing with the Eastman Selects, Balmoral Hall Blazers, and Shaftesbury High School Titans before making the leap to the Huskies at the NCAA Division-1 level! She was named Rookie of the Year at UConn, received the Unsung Hero Award, and was the captain of the Huskies in her final season, so she's definitely shown her skills on NCAA ice! She also played a season of pro hockey in Austria, and she's now working as an instructor and coach with Vigier Hockey!

September 24, 2020: Episode 418
If you missed Rick Westhead's look at painkillers and their use by NHL players, I highly recommend that you watch The Problem of Pain. Teebz and Jenna discuss the information presented by TSN with a look at university hockey and sports where the treatment of pain is also becoming more pharmaceutical. We take a look at the ESPN Bubble Confidential piece by Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski on whether this bubble idea, for all its has produced, is worth the trouble and effort. There was a trade that was made, called off, and then killed altogether yesterday that legitimately might be one of the worst trades for one team in its history, we have a Lanny McDonald legal update, we look at Stamkos' cameo and goal in Game Three, Dallas not getting their big guns rolling, the KHL's COVID-19 problem, and Manon Rheaume blazing a trail for women 28 years ago yesterday with her appearance for the Tampa Bay Lightning!

September 17, 2020: Episode 417
Season Nine starts with The Hockey Show welcoming a new co-host! Once we meet this person, we discuss the World Junior Championship being played in front of no fans, the Flames removing the interim tag from Geoff Ward, the Capitals naming Peter Laviolette as head coach, Bill Armstrong reportedly ready to take over the GM seat in Arizona, Jim Montgomery heading to St. Louis, U SPORTS players heading to Europe and a transfer to Ontario, Lanny McDonald being in a bizarre lawsuit, a rather odd Minnesota-Buffalo trade, and CCM changing their helmet design among the topics!

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