Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Carolina Misses The Mark

Carolina was the first team to introduce the new alternate jerseys today, and I was anticipating good things from the Hurricanes. They basically kept the same design that they previously had before Reebok came in and messed around with the designs, and I commended them for that. However, today's unveiling leaves me disappointed. A lot. To say the least.

Carolina has mentioned a while back that they were going with a black alternate jersey design. While I understand that black might be a "cool" colour to choose for alternate designs, and I realize it's part of their colour scheme, black jerseys have already been done. And done. And done. And done again. Why add to the pile of useless black alternates?

Well, here's the final product that Carolina signed off on and Reebok is producing. I like the logo, but after looking at the spec sheet, this is simply another one-piece uniform like the Anaheim Ducks wear.

How about some colour on that shoulder patch primary logo? Something, anything, to make this uniform look less like a ninja's outfit.

Cam Ward skates across the ice in his new ninja gear. It might be more intimidating to play in black if the games were played in the dark. Can you imagine tracking a puck that's shot towards you from the blueline when all you see is black? The rear font is the same as their normal font, so that's a plus, but I'm not liking the blacked-out primary logo. If you can't see it, it serves no purpose.

"We’re very proud of our traditional uniforms," said Rutherford. "But after ten seasons in North Carolina and a lot of different ideas from our fans, we felt it was time to introduce an additional look for our team."

"It was time to introduce an additional look"... really? After a decade in the red-and-white, you needed to add an all-black uniform? Why? If someone can explain to me why this is a "good look", please feel free. Black is the new teal. Stop using it as a primary colour.

According to Rutherford, the NHL has mandated that teams who have designed new alternate jerseys can wear them a maximum of 15 times this season, meaning that we'll be seeing these new threads at 36% of all the home games that Carolina plays. They were even helpful enough to provide the exact dates they will be wearing them. Please mark your calendars.

October 13 vs. Detroit
November 2 vs. Toronto
November 16 vs. Tampa Bay
November 26 vs. Philadelphia
December 7 vs. Washington
December 27 vs. Boston
January 2 vs. St. Louis
January 15 vs. Toronto
February 14 vs. Columbus
February 22 vs. Colorado
February 26 vs. Boston
March 9 vs. Rangers
March 21 vs. Washington
April 4 vs. Pittsburgh
April 7 vs. Islanders

Personally, I don't find them very appealing, and I prefer the bold red jerseys they currently wear at home. More importantly, I'd prefer white at home again, but that's a different argument altogether. The logo is good, but the all-black look ranks low for me. Thumbs-down from this writer on these new jerseys. And just in case you didn't get enough of this new look, the Hurricanes have already put the secondary logo on their ice for the upcoming season. I guess the primary logo is now the secondary logo?

If you'd like to read more, Canes Country has a solid article, along with some excellent comments, on their blog already. Check it out as well.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Texas Youth for Political Awareness said...

You know who NHL teams need to look to for alternate jerseys? Daryl Doig. If you haven't seen any of his creations, check them out. He re-vitalizes virtually every NHL logo, with the possible exception of the Philadelphia Flyers (lots of Flyers fans don't like the skate logo).

Connie said...

Wow, I really don't like Carolina's 3rd jersey. Dear god please let the Kings' new jersey be a little better.