Monday, 15 September 2008

KHL Updates

With hockey season approaching, it's not hard to ignore that "other" league that's currently playing across the ocean in Russia. Or, rather, just down the street from Sarah Palin's house. In any case, there haven't been a pile of updates that I've seen, so I'll run down the updates as best as I can. I'll even give updates on all the "defectors" - guys like Jaromir Jagr, Alexander Radulov, Ray Emery, and others. Why am I doing this? It's hockey, and I love me some hockey. So settle in, kids, because we have a lot of Euro-Russian hockey to examine, and a few surprises have emerged already.

The standings are as follows (W-L-OT/SOW-OT/SOL):

1. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl: 5-1-0-0 for 15 points.
2. Dinamo Riga: 4-2-0-2 for 14 points.
3. Metallurg Novokuznetsk: 4-2-0-1 for 13 points.
4. Salavat Yulaev Ufa: 4-0-0-1 for 13 points.
5. Traktor Chelyabinsk: 4-1-0-1 for 13 points.
6. Atlant Mytishchi: 4-1-0-1 for 13 points.
7. HC Dynamo Moscow: 2-1-3-0 for 12 points.
8. Ak Bars Kazan: 3-0-0-2 for 11 points.
9. Metallurg Magnitogorsk: 3-2-0-1 for 10 points.
10. HC Spartak Moscow: 1-1-3-1 for 10 points.
11. Amur Khabarovsk: 2-3-1-1 for 9 points.
12. HC Lada Togliatti: 2-2-1-0 for 8 points.
13. Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod: 2-2-0-2 for 8 points.
14. HC CSKA Moscow: 2-1-0-1 for 7 points.
15. Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk: 2-2-0-1 for 7 points.
16. HC MVD: 1-3-2-0 for 7 points.
17. Severstal Cherepovets: 1-3-2-0 for 7 points.
18. Vityaz Chekhov: 1-2-1-2 for 7 points.
19. Avangard Omsk Oblast: 2-4-0-0 for 6 points.
20. HC Sibir Novosibirsk: 1-3-1-1 for 6 points.
21. HC Dinamo Minsk: 1-5-1-0 for 5 points.
22. SKA Saint Petersburg: 1-4-1-0 for 5 points.
23. Barys Astana: 0-4-2-0 for 4 points.
24. Khimik Voskresensk: 1-4-0-0 for 3 points.

As you may have guessed, the KHL awards three points for a win, two points for an overtime or shootout win, one point for an overtime or shootout loss, and nothing for a regulation loss.

The scoring has been cranking up as players find their legs early in the season. Ak Bars Kazan leads the way again with the top two scorers thus far. Please note that the third player is Marcel Hossa, formerly of the New York Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes. I guess he needed a name change as well as a change of scenery?

1. Danis Zaripov (ABK): 5-6-11 with 2 PPG.
2. Alexey Morozov (ABK): 5-5-10 with 4 PPG and 3 GWG.
3. Martsel Hossa (DR): 7-3-10 with 4 PPG and 1 GWG.
4. Valeriy Klebnikov (MN): 3-7-10 with 1 PPG.
5. Fedor Polischyuk (MN): 3-6-9 with 1 PPG.

As for some notable players, here are the bigger names that used to play in the NHL at some point in their careers:

Yaromir Yagr (AOO): 2-2-4 with 2 PPG. Yes, that's Jagr.
Alexandr Svitov (AOO): 2-1-3 with 1 GWG. Former Blue Jacket.
Alexey Cherepanov (AOO): 0-1-1. The Rangers' 2007 first-rounder.
Jozef Vashichek (LY): 3-4-7 with 2 GWG. Vasicek of the Isles.
Vitaliy Vishnevskiy (LY): 1-2-3 with 1 PPG. Former Devil.
Alexey Mikhnov (LY): 1-5-6 with 1 PPG and GWG. Former Oiler.
Alexey Yashin (LY): 2-2-4 with 1 PPG. You know him.
Mark Hartigan (DR): 0-4-0. Former Blue Jacket and Red Wing.
Oleg Tverdovskiy (SYU): 2-0-2 with 1 PPG. Former King.
Aleksandr Radulov (SYU): 1-5-6 with 1 GWG. Nashville's headache.
Alexandr Perezhogin (SYU): 2-1-3 with 1 GWG. Former Canadien.
Andrey Nikolishin (TC): 1-2-3. Former Capital.
Oleg Kvasha (TC): 0-3-0. Former Islander and Panther.
Yan Bulis (AM): 2-3-5 with 1 PPG. Former Canuck and Canadien.
Aleksandr Korolyuk (AM): 0-4-0. Former Shark.
Igor Korolev (AM): 1-2-3. Former Maple Leaf, Jet, and Blackhawk.
Karel Rahunek (HDM): 1-2-3. Former Ranger and Senator.
Aleksey Zhitnik (HDM): 1-2-3. Former Thrasher and Islander.
Niko Kapanen (ABK): 0-1-0. Former Star and Coyote.
Stanislav Chistov (MM): 1-2-3. Former Bruin and Duck.
Branko Radivoevich (HSM): 2-3-5 with 1 PPG. Former Wild.
Pavel Brendl (TNN): 4-1-5 with 1 PPG. Former Ranger.
Alexandr Suglobov (HCM): 2-0-2 with 1 PPG. Former Maple Leaf.
Oleg Saprykin (HCM): 1-0-1 with 1 PPG. Former Senator.
Dmitriy Yushkevich (HSN): 1-2-3. Former Flyer and Maple Leaf.
Igor Ulanov (HDM): 0-0-0. Former Jet and Oiler.
Ben Klaymer (HDM): 1-0-1 with 1 PPG. That's Ben Clymer!
Andrey Zyuzin (SSP): 0-0-0. Former Flame and Devil.
Daryus Kasparaitis (SSP): 0-0-0. Former Ranger and Penguin.
Sergey Brylin (SSP): 2-3-5 with 1 PPG. Former Devil.
Nils Ekman (SSP): 1-3-4 with 1 PPG. Former Penguin.
Jozef Shtumpel (BA): 1-2-3 with 1 PPG. Former Panther and King.
Trevor Letovski (BA): 0-1-1. Former Hurricane and Canuck.

Some notable goaltending names include:

Raymond Emeri (AM): 1-2-0, 2.94 GAA. Yes, that's Ray Emery.
Martin Prusek (HSM): 3-2-0, 2.49 GAA. Former Senator and CBJ.
Tyler Moss (AK): 3-2-0, 1.83 GAA, 2 shutouts. Former Flame.
Mike Fountain (HLT): 1-2-0, 1.71 GAA. Former Senator.
Mika Noronen (TNN): 1-3-0, 2.35 GAA, 1 shutout. Former Sabre.
Yussi Markkanen (HCM): 1-1-0, 2.00 GAA. Former Oiler and Ranger.
Robert Esh (SSP): 1-3-0, 2.03 GAA, 1 shutout. Yes, that's Esche.
Marc Lamothe (BA): 1-2-0, 2.93 GAA. Former Red Wing.

Anyone noticing how many former Senator goalies there are in that list? Play for Ottawa, die in Russia? Gerber and Auld had better watch out.

And how about this line - Andrey Mezin (MM): 3-2-0, 2.69 GAA.

Remember him? I doubt you will. However, he was the guy that Tommy Salo was staring at down the length of the ice during the stunning upset when Belarus beat Sweden at the 2000 Salt Lake City Olympics.

You can find a complete breakdown of all the statistics on the KHL website.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Bethany said...

Svitov, man that guy stresses me out.

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Wow...gotta wonder what's up with all the name (mis?)-spelling. Esh for Esche just looks like making it easier for the Russians to pronounce, but shouldn't everyone in the KHL already know how that the J in Jaromir is pronouced like a Y? Weird...

Teebz said...

The Russian language doesn't specifically have the same letters as ours, so the translation would require a few different "spellings" in order for the name to be pronounced correctly. Jozef Shtumpel, for example, has both names "altered".

Also, for Esche, the added letters would change the pronunciation of his last name when translated, so that could account for his last name.