Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Housekeeping Tuesday

I have some photos and some emails that I want to get through today, so I figured a Tuesday was better than never to post some of the collected stuff that has been rattling around my inbox and on my desktop. Some of the photos are quite interesting, and a couple emails really stand out in terms of the information they contain. One is all about a contest, so I'll lead with that information, but one email contains a video that a reader put together. Honestly, it's quite good! So without further adieu, let's clean up some of this stuff so I can begin hoarding other images and emails.

  • I received an email from Scotiabank about a contest they are running. Kids today should be taught "financial literacy" - ways to save money - for the future. Thankfully, Scotiabank has a handy page where kids aged 7-16 can get tips on how to save in "The Big Save" contest. What Scotiabank is looking for from those kids are their own hockey saving tips, an early hockey memory, or just their favourite part of the season! In exchange, the Scotiabank Hockey Club will award one lucky family the chance to go to Whitehorse for this year's Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada! The Big Save contest ends November 30, so be sure to have your kids and their friends enter! For all rules and regulations - yes, you must be Canadian to enter - please click here for details!
  • With the month of November upon us, I'm not sure how many of you are aware that it is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. As a result, the month has been renamed to "Movember" for those who are participating in growing moustaches as part of the awareness campaign. One such man who has a lovely 'stache? Colton Orr of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Look at that 'stache! It's a beauty!
  • Of course, Colton Orr has a long way to go before knocking off some other rather famous hockey 'staches. George Parros' 'stache was always a favorite, and he actually shaved his off this month to grow a new one in honour of "Movember". May the Parros-stache return!
  • Great find by a Uni Watch blog reader as Jake Doyle presents the original St. Louis Blues prototype jersey! I actually like how the logo stands out against the word marks. It's very unique in that the music note looks bigger because of the illusion.
  • Another solid find by Uni Watch blog reader Bill Hoppe as he shows off Gerard Gallant's unique facemask. If you look carefully, you can see the Red Wings' 60th anniversary patch on the shoulder. Also to be noted is the captaincy designation on Danny Gare's uniform. It's on the right shoulder! This photo was taken in 1986-87, so the Red Wings have a long history with the captaincy designations being on the right!
  • I'm not sure where the next photograph came from, but there is a great shot of Jacques Plante being interviewed by a masked man who apparently is mocking the legendary Canadiens goaltender's facial protection. Plante, as you know, was the first man to wear facial protection in a hockey game after having his face cut open by an Andy Bathgate backhanded shot. This "poking fun" at Plante is endearing, but Plante's reasons for wearing the mask are absolutely sound.
To end this clean-up today, I want to present a video that reader Greg W. sent me. According to his email, Greg is "a professional video editor from Toronto, a huge Leafs fan, and an avid reader of your blog" (thanks, Greg!). Being a huge Leafs fan, he has finished a video project on Doug Gilmour, a man who all Leafs fans still love and respect. Here it is in its entirety, and thank you Greg for allowing me to post this!
Great work, Greg! Excellent musical choice!

That's all for today, kids. Antler Banter returns tomorrow as we check out how the Moose finished up their seven-game road trip. Jeff Tambellini joins the Moose, but can he make a difference in their line-up?

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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