Sunday, 30 June 2013

Moment Of The Draft

These two guys to the left? That's Martin and Anthony Brodeur. Anthony grew up idolizing his father, becoming a goaltender himself. While he wasn't one of the top skaters as ranked by the Central Scouting Agency, there was hope that young Anthony may follow in his father's footsteps. When the seventh round of the draft happened upon us, things looked grim in that Anthony may not get his name called. But the Devils and Kings did a classy thing as the Devils traded for Los Angeles' last pick - 208th overall - and used it to select Anthony Brodeur!

Here's how that moment went down, courtesy of the NHL Network and TSN:
Pretty cool moment, right? You could certainly see that Martin Brodeur was proud to call his son's name at the NHL Entry Draft, and having Anthony's father call his name in front of the fans who have watched Anthony grow up had to be special as well.

The best part? If this is indeed Martin Brodeur's last season in the NHL, there's a good chance that Anthony Brodeur will be able to watch his father's final game from the bench. In uniform. And join him post-game on the ice as a member of the New Jersey Devils. Now that's something very few people on this planet can say they have done.

The theme of family ran deep today as former NBA star Popeye Jones saw his son, Seth, drafted fourth overall by the Nashville Predators. Darnell Nurse, son of former CFL player Richard Nurse and nephew of former NFL player Donovan McNabb, was selected seventh overall by the Edmonton Oilers. All the players had friends and family in the stands who congratulated when their names were called. But only one son had his father call his name over the arena loudspeakers.

I'm not one for touching, sappy moments, but the Brodeurs and the Devils made the 2013 NHL Entry Draft in Newark, New Jersey something special.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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