Tuesday, 18 June 2013

No Pool, But A Thought

Some of you may be visiting Hockey Blog In Canada this week to see the point total updates for the HBIC Playoff Pool. Unfortunately, you won't find any updates now until the end of the Stanley Cup Final. Why, you ask? Well, with only one series going, it makes the updates kind of anti-climactic. After all, you probably know how well you're doing yourself, so I'm not going to remove any sort of drama by posting the scores. Will Andy hold on? Will Tyler J. make it into the prizes? Only time will tell!

In saying this, I do have a proposal to all readers out there. I always like to occupy myself in the summer, after hockey is over, with a project of some sort. I've covered NHLPA charities, I've done a pile of reading, and an assortment of other things, but I'd like your input, readers. Are there stories or things you'd like to see me work on this summer? Are there historical pieces you wish me to investigate further?

Basically, I'm open to all ideas. I have a few ideas, but I'd like your perspective readers. I know that this summer will still have the NHL Entry Draft and all the crazy free agency deals that will be coming, but I'll pick a day where I'll run this project series, and we'll go from there. All I need from you are ideas! So fire away either here or via email, and we'll get this summer rocking!

Secondly, I wanted to bring you a bit of an update on a few things:
  1. The "Hockey In Musicians" article/database of photos I have been compiling is growing. I still want any and all you may find, so feel free to hit me up via email with links and images! This is turning into a nice little project on its own, and I can't thank those who have submitted photos enough. Awesome job! Let's keep this going!
  2. If you missed last week's episode of The Hockey Show, please go to the podcast page on the right on download the interview with Brandon Reid and Jessica Scott-Reid. These two are at the top of the list in terms of guests we've interviewed this year, and Beans and I are pumped for more guests like this couple. Listen to it, and leave your comments for us!
  3. Next week's edition of The Hockey Show will feature a Colorado Avalanche blogger who is affectionately known as "Tapeleg". You don't want to miss this one as we talk about the Avalanche's draft strategy, the hiring of Patrick Roy, the tandem of Sakic and Roy running the show, and many more Avalanche-related chatter. Should be a beauty!
  4. This week's show will be previewed on Thursday as usual, but if you have kids and you want to see them win something cool on the radio, tune in! We have a few kids-sized prizes to hand out, and we want the kids involved as we give away a few items. More on this on Thursday!
That's what's happening around these parts on HBIC. Again, send any summer project ideas my way whenever you can, and I'll start putting things together for the summer. Thanks to everyone who sends an idea in, and thanks just for reading this chatter!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Franklin said...

This is just a "I always wondered", but I would love to hear about Canadian fans of American NHL teams. I have Kings season tickets, and it seems like every season I meet a Canadian who loves the Kings, or the Sharks, or some other US team, but lives in Canada, and may have never lived in the US at all. What makes a Moncton native become a Anaheim Ducks fan? Are there a lot of these fans, or are they just more rabid/noticeable? Maybe this is just intriguing to me.....