Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Round Three Updates

As we get closer to the awarding of the Stanley Cup to one of Chara or Toews, the pools in these lede photos are getting smaller and smaller as the window of opportunity shrinks on some poolies. Sure, some eliminated themselves by not participating after the first round, but that's their loss and your gain, right? In saying that, there has been some movement in the standings and we have quite a battle on our hands, so let's see what happened after this round.

I will say that I'm pretty sure everyone thought the Penguins would give Boston a run for their money in their series because no one called a sweep. Honestly, though, did anyone on the planet call that? The Chicago-Los Angeles series saw one person call a five-game series with Chicago prevailing. More on that entrant below. Needless to say, short series do a number on the total points one can earn in a round.

Kudos go out to Brian W. and Greg C. for their twelve-point rounds! Also grabbing some spotlight is Corey D. with his eleven-point round! These three entrants were the only people to score in double-digits in this round, showing just how hard short series are on all poolies.

Chicago vs. Los Angeles

There were two individuals who pulled off extremely impressive totals in this series, and both were mentioned above. Brian W. saw Chicago winning in seven games, but he destroyed this series in calling game-winning goal scorers. Brian correctly predicted the winning team in Games One, Three, Four, and Five for four points, but went on to add the game-winners in Games One (Hossa), Three (Voynov), and Five (Kane). Add another six points to his four earned, and Brian walked away with ten points!

The other masked man was the only person who correctly predicted a series in this round. Greg C. called every winning team right for five points, and had Chicago standing as the winning team after five games for another five points. Well done, Greg, on your ten-point series as well!

Pittsburgh vs. Boston

The sweep did a number on scores in this series, but two participants emerged with five points to lead the way. Corey D. called the Bruins as winners in Games One, Three, and Four, and added David Krejci's game-winning goal in Game One for a total of five points! Dan mirrored those same predictions, and he also picked up five points! Well done, Corey and Dan, on leading this series!

The top-nine players have shuffled slightly, and there is a massive bunching up of poolies below the leader. Much like the NHL Playoffs, the race to get above the line in the HBIC Playoff Pool will come down to the wire as predictions made in the Stanley Cup Final could have drastic effects on the pool's leaderboard. That being said, here's the top-nine poolies as it stands.
  • Andy S. - 88 points
  • George C. - 79 points
  • Thomas O. - 75 points
  • **tie** Jay F. - 74 points
  • **tie** Westin F. - 74 points
  • Ty F. - 73 points
  • **tie** Brandee T. - 72 points
  • **tie** Christopher C. - 72 points
  • **tie** Corey D. - 72 points
  • **tie** Dan F. - 72 points
If you look at that list, there are ten names on it. If my math skills are up to par, that means one of these ten people will exit the pool at the end of this round with nothing to show for it! Make your predictions wisely, poolies. And consider that Tyler J. is on the outside with 71 points as of right now, awaiting two of you to falter so he may grab a prize!

Here is the spreadsheet for the Stanley Cup Final. Same rules, so you know what to do. Please have it sent in by puck drop on Wednesday night's opening game of the Stanley Cup Final! Of course, make sure you send it to the right email address! Best of luck to everyone in the Stanley Cup Final, and here's hoping you'll have the series of the playoffs so you get into the prize group!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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