Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Moving Through Round Three

The HBIC Playoff Pool rolls on, and I have to admit that I'm really enjoying the thirty-or-so people who have worked through the first two rounds into this round. Well done to everyone who has kept up with the pool, and know that I'm hopeful that you'll end up above the prize line to get yourself something nice. To be honest, it would be nice to give everyone a prize, but the HBIC Prize Budget doesn't really have that kind of financial backing.

Through the first five games of the conference finals, no one has reached double-digits in points yet. However, a few people are close. Kudos go out to Brandee T. and Corey D. for their eight-point climb up the standings as they look to close the gap between themselves and the leaders.

I also made a mistake - UNPOSSIBLE! - in calculating one person's scoring in Round Two, so I will be reviewing/auditing my scoring to ensure that I added things up properly. In saying that, I forgot Anze Kopitar's game-winning goal in Game Five on Jay F.'s total, so he jumped up two points after I corrected that mistake. Sorry about that, Jay, and I'll be a little more careful in scoring everyone's predictions moving forward.

With that being said, here are your top-nine entrants right now as we look at who is working on earning a prize:

  1. Andy S. - 86 points
  2. George C. - 75 points
  3. Thomas O. - 73 points
  4. *tie* Jay F. - 72 points
  5. *tie* Westin F. - 72 points
  6. *tie* Brandee T. - 71 points
  7. *tie* John M. - 71 points
  8. Chris C. - 70 points
  9. Ty F./Corey D./Dan F. - 69 points
Andy has a comfortable lead right now, but the battle between second-place and ninth-place is all of six points. That lead shouldn't make anyone feel safe as one blown series could see someone at the top of the list suddenly out of the prize list. But a good race makes the pool so much better, right?

Congratulations to everyone still playing, and no one is out of it yet. A couple of wisely-predicted series can still get you a prize if you can channel your inner psychic in calling a few games, some game-winners, and the remaining series!

Until next week, keep your sticks on the ice!

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