Sunday, 21 May 2017

Out In Treherne

I'm lucky enough to spend my Sunday in Treherne, Manitoba where I'll be umpiring a ball tournament for the local hockey team known as the Treherne North Stars. It's a rather small town about 90 minutes from Winnipeg to the southwest, but it is a quaint and friendly town with lots ot offer the road-tripping souls who make their way here. While I have yet to start writing Travel Blog In Canada, there is a hockey tie-in as one player from Treherne has gone on to play under the bright lights of the NHL. That player is none other than Florent Robidoux.

I wrote about Florent last year on the same weekend, so I'm not going to do that twice. What I do want to talk about is the senior men's North Stars team who wears the North Stars' uniforms proudly. Check out this photo of Treherne's finest hockey players!
That is outstanding! That photo was grabbed off the North Stars' Twitter page after the North Stars downed their arch-rivals in the Notre Dame Tropics at the annual Winter Classic. While that "classic" gets less press and TV people to it, the action on the ice was pretty insane as per reports with the North Stars coming out on top via a 4-3 margin!

I'll admit it here, folks, that I'm happy to support any team who goes full North Stars on the ice. When the NHL North Stars changed their jerseys to the generic black-and-green "Stars" uniforms, I was pretty disappointed. Granted, I'm pretty disappointed with most teams who ditch colour for a black jersey in hockey, but that great logo and green jerseys were iconic. Modano, Propp, Tinordi, Casey, Beaupre, Ciccarelli, Gartner, Parise, and Masterton are all names who wore the great starred-N during its time in the NHL.

Of course, that got me thinking of the other great logos we've lost in relocations of NHL franchises. Along with the North Stars, we've seen the Nordiques, the Whalers, and the Jets' original logo in moves during the 1990s, and it got me to thinking about which logo did I miss the most? There were some great logos in the 1990s that moved, so I wanted to ask you, readers, on which logo you missed most. In saying that...
Which NHL logo do you miss most?
Minnesota North Stars
Quebec Nordiques
Hartford Whalers
Winnipeg Jets
While I don't have the funds to license any of the above logos, I'd like to see all four make a comeback at some point. I know the NHL is making serious coin off the Whalers logo in sales, but that only goes to prove that these four logos may be as popular or more popular than current logos. Have your say in the poll above, and we'll check the results in a few weeks!

My time out in Treherne saw me up at 4:45am, on the road by 6:30am, in Treherne by about 8:15am, and back home by 9:15pm. It was a long day, but I had a great time and I'm already looking forward to next year's tournament. Because of my day, though, I missed the 2-1 shootout gold-medal win by Sweden over Canada (and I really want to grumble about shootouts deciding gold medals, but alas) and the Pittsburgh rout of Ottawa in their Game Five 7-0 win. There's still a ton of hockey to be played, but gimme your vote in the poll!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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