Saturday, 27 May 2017

Round Three Is Done

In the first time in this contest's history, the HBIC Playoff Pool saw points risked in an effort to close the gap between the leaders and everyone else. We'll talk a little bit about that risk in a second, but the two series in Round Three were drawn out to six and seven games respectively, so there were a lot of chances to score points. And a number of entrants did score points if you're keeping an eye on the leaderboard. Today, we recognize two entrants who did Round Three right in scoring the most points in those series.

NASHVILLE-ANAHEIM: One entrant decided to go off and call this series perfectly. Dan F. called all six games correctly to give him six points. He picked Nashville to win in six games to add another five games. And he also picked up game-winner by James Neal in Game One to set him up for a 13-point series! Well done, Dan! However, we'll talk about you a little more below.

OTTAWA-PITTSBURGH: A lot of entrants had this series ending in either five or six games, but one entrant decided to go the distance with his picks. Ted A. picked the winning teams in Games Two, Three, Five, Six, and Seven for five points, and correctly picked Pittsburgh winning in seven games for another five points! Ted's ten-point series was the best of the bunch, so congratulations to Ted on his picks in this series!

As I said above, I have to hand it to Dan for taking a chance. The only problem was that he wagered 21 points on the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series. Because he incorrectly predicted the series, he lost the 21 points he put on the board. Had he bet on the Predators-Ducks series where he correctly predicted all six games, he would have doubled his 21 points. If everything played out after that, he'd be sitting with 68 points. Unfortunately, the risk didn't pay off and Dan is currently sitting with less than 68 points. I will credit Dan for taking the chance, though. That was bold!

With that, here is the spreadsheet for the Stanley Cup Final. Best of luck in Round Four! Peter S. has a bit of a lead, but there's still a ton of opportunities for those trailing to get into the prizes with some good predictions on the Risk It! option. Will we see a major jump? Check the leaderboard for how much you can risk!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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