Friday, 12 May 2017

Updates And Honour Rolls

I'll throw a disclaimer upfront here: there's actually only one honour roll, but the pluralized version sounds better in keeping this uniform. In saying that, the HBIC Playoff Pool leaderboard has been updated to reflect current point totals after two rounds of play, and the third round begins tonight. Don't delay in getting the latest spreadsheet sent in to the playoff pool inbox either! The puck will be dropped on Round Three tonight with Anaheim meeting Nashville at 9pm ET, so you have until that time to submit your picks and continue adding points to your total!

Like we did in Round One, I want to throw a spotlight on a few people who did extremely well with their predictions in this past round. Before we get to that, the number of people who called the Nashville-St. Louis series perfectly was rather astounding. I counted some ten people with perfect series in that match-up, so kudos to those ten people! That's outstanding predicting, and you deserve a pat on the backs for those prognostications. There's more to look at, though, so let's see who did the best in each series.

NASHVILLE-ST. LOUIS: One of the people who called the series perfectly was Dave F. Dave picked up five points for calling a Nashville series win in six games, correctly called all six games right, and then added the game-winner off Tarasenko's stick in Game Two and the game-winner in Game Six by Johansen. All tallied, Dave racked up an impressive 15 points in this series which also makes his total the highest of all the series played in the Second Round! Congratulations, Dave!

ANAHEIM-EDMONTON: Strangely, this series didn't have a very good average point value when looking at the scores, and most of it was due to entrants calling the series in six games or calling an Edmonton win in seven games. One entrant, though, saw the light. Justin S. went ahead and correctly predicted the right team winning in Games Two, Four, Five, Six, and Seven, and correctly had Anaheim as the winning team in Game Seven to add another five points. His ten points was the highest total earned in this series, so another congratulations goes out to Justin in this round!

OTTAWA-NY RANGERS: This was another series that saw many people pick New York as the victor, so point totals were low throughout the round. Katie, the lone woman in the contest, decided to show the boys up by winning this series! Katie correctly picked the winners in Games One and Six, correctly had Ottawa ousting New York in six games, and then tacked on the Erik Karlsson game-winner in Game Six to make this a nine-point series for her! Well done, Katie, in this series!

WASHINGTON-PITTSBURGH: If there was ever a series that appeared to be destined to go seven games, this one had to be it. The only problem was that a lot of people thought that this was Washington's year and missed out on the big five-point score. Nevertheless, one entrant racked up a big series. Chris C. called the right game-winners in Games One, Six, and Seven, and he had Pittsburgh as the winning team in Game Seven to give him eight points. However, Chris also correctly predicted the Backstrom game-winning goal in Game Six and the Bryan Rust game-winner in Game Seven to add four more points to his total! When the dust settled, Chris walked out with 12 points in this series! Well done, Chris!

That will set us up for the next round. Remember that NO ONE is out until the Stanley Cup is awarded thanks to the "RISK IT!" option where you can wager a boatload of points in an effort to double whatever amount that you risk! It's all-or-nothing for that series, though, so make sure you choose the right team to win each game! If you do this like the ten people did in the Nashville-St. Louis series, you could double the wagered amount!

Well done to everyone above, and the HBIC Playoff Pool pushes forward! This weekend, I'll post the prizes for the eventual winners, so tune in for that to see what's up for grabs! Personally, there are some solid prizes this year, so you might want to risk some of those points in the Stanley Cup Final!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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