Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Hockey Show - Episode 241

The Hockey Show is back on the comfy confines of UMFM's airwaves tonight, and we don't have any Survivor: NHL Playoffs exit interviews to do! With all eight teams in the second round still battling, we'll leave the exit interviews for a couple of weeks as we have a special guest coming in next week. Tonight, though, we have a pile of stories and news to work through, and we're down a man as TJ is off celebrating a number of graduations from his faculty. With just Teebz and Beans in-studio tonight, there will be a lot of the two to go through, so tune in and try to keep up!

While there are a number of tournaments happening in North America to determine various leagues' best teams, there's also a major tournament happening in Paris and Cologne as the IIHF World Championship kicks off tomorrow. Teebz and Beans will look at that tournament as well as dive into the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. We'll also look at the AHL losing two long-time member cities, the potential corruption happening during KHL free agency, the NHL draft lottery results, an interesting story developing after UND cut its women's hockey program, the results of the Esso Cup held in Morden, some Evander Kane news, some SPHL ins-and-outs, and what to do about the plumbing in Rogers Centre. It's a jam-packed show with a ton to discuss, so feel free to get your calls in tonight at 204-269-8638 or use social media to chat a little hockey!

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PODCAST: May 4, 2017: Episode 241

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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