Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Bounty

If you've submitted your entries for Round Three of the HBIC Playoff Pool, you're one step closer to everything below! In full disclosure mode, there are no dollar signs on any of the prizes below despite the image to the left, but there are some solid prizes to choose from if you happen to end up in the top-three of the contest. That's really the only catch when it comes to the following bounty that's up for grabs. If you're prepare to see what you're battling for, read on!

We'll start with Prize #3 and work our way up to what I consider to be the top prize. You may feel differently, but this is my blog entry today so I'll arrange these as I see fit. If you end up in first-place in the HBIC Playoff Pool, though, you can choose any one of the three prizes that tickles your fancy. Second-place in the contest can choose from the remaining two prizes, and third-place gets the remaining prize. In other words, it benefits you to shoot for the top in this contest!

So what are you playing for?


Based on the fact that Mark Scheifele is playing for Canada and there are Rangers playing for Sweden and USA, this prize package features a Mark Scheifele bobblehead and two XXL New York Rangers shirts. Neither the Jets nor the Rangers have captured the big prize yet, so this can't be the top prize in the contest.


Drawing upon the fact that Forsberg played for the Nordiques and Team Sweden, this prize package features a Rogers Edwards XL Quebec Nordiques jacket and an Adidas flex-fit L/XL Team Sweden World Cup of Hockey cap. While Forsberg has won a Stanley Cup or two, he never won as a member of the Nordiques and he never won a World Cup of Hockey, so this too cannot be the top prize in the contest.


Aptly named after Phil the Thrill for a reason, this prize package features a Reebok Pittsburgh Penguins XL jersey and an Adidas flex-fit L/XL Team USA World Cup of Hockey cap. While he was left off the World Cup of Hockey team and sent out tweets about the team's struggles, there's no denying that Kessel was a major part of Pittsburgh's Stanley Cup run last season and possibly in their title defence this season!

There are some solid prizes up for grabs this year, so make sure you consider the "Risk It!" option of the leaders seem too far out of reach in the Stanley Cup Final! If you're right about all the games in that series, you might just jump to the top of the leaderboard!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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