Thursday, 19 July 2007

Shame Is Spelled "Predators"

I missed the unveiling of the Nashville Predators' new uniforms tonight. I'll be completely honest: they were one of the teams that needed their third jerseys scrapped, and I was relieved that they didn't keep it. They had decent home and road jerseys before the Rbk Edge Hockey Uniform System was announced, and from what was shown in Boston, Columbus, and Washington, there was a reason to believe that the Predators could come up with a sharp jersey in the new system. However, there was also the possibility that they would pull off a jersey travesty like the Los Angeles Kings or New York Islanders have designed. In any case, I hoped for better, especially since the Predators need fan support now more than ever.

Instead, the Predators decided to make a few amateur mistakes on these new jerseys. And they are highly noticeable in their poor design.

First off, that damned NHL logo is distracting in the middle of a player's chest. I honestly think we all know that NHL players wear NHL jerseys, so why is the league putting their logo in the middle of the jersey? The team's logo is meant to be the focal point of the jersey, not the NHL shield. This needs to be tweaked sooner than later. While this is no fault of the Predators, someone needs to buck the trend.

Secondly, the yellow piping that runs down the sides of the jersey make it look like the player is wearing an apron, especially on the white road jersey. Are they heading to a backyard BBQ party after the game? Why would someone design a hockey jersey like that? They used to have that mustard-coloured jersey. Now, it appears they just want to catch the mustard stains from the hotdogs served in the stands.

Thirdly, what's the deal with the "Nashville" emblazoned across the chest of the players on the road jersey? If they get lost, is that to help someone get them home? That name across their chest is amateurish... even more so when you consider the logo is smaller on the road jerseys than on the home jerseys.

Hey, everyone, here comes defenseman Ryan Suter in his new Nashville Predators T-shirt. Wait, is that a T-shirt? It sure looks like one. Hockey jerseys were designed, historically, to look like sweaters. I know Nashville is warm, but why do the jerseys look like T-shirts? Worse yet, why does it look like Suter is the cook at a BBQ? He has his T-shirt on under his apron, and is ready for a pina colada.

All in all, these jerseys could have been better. The shoulder logo is the skull version of the Predators' logo. Why did they do away with the alternate logo? Has it been rendered extinct?

So many questions, so little time. I had high hopes for the Predators. Their old jerseys were good, and needed little in the way of improvement. The Predators have now taken steps back in their evolution.

Also leaked yesterday were possible Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys. The home jersey and road jersey have far too much gold on them. They aren't bad, but they aren't that great either. Only time will tell if these are the real things, but they sure look like it.

All in all, the Predators didn't do themselves any favors with these new uniforms. Hopefully, people from the NHL are reading these analyses and listening. If they aren't, we still have 24 teams to officially show off their new monstrosities. At this moment, Boston's retro look is still, by far, the best of the new jerseys.

Until the next unveiling, which should be the Sharks, keep your sticks on the ice!


Gregg the Obscure said...

Great post!

One quibble: it's too early to say about the new Pens' jerseys (they too don't look sweaterish) until we see the front.

Teebz said...

I agree, Denver. It's just that the Penguins have always been a mostly-white-jersey or mostly-black-jersey team.

I'm just not a fan of too much Vegas gold. :o)

Jibblescribbits said...

Nice review, to be honest the blues look similar to soccer unis in cold weather, when players wear long-sleeve whites underneath their jersey's. A classic case of trying to do too much

Anonymous said...

It's just that the Penguins have always been a mostly-white-jersey or mostly-black-jersey team.

Until 1980, they were a mostly blue jersey team.

If the pictures of the new shirts are real, I'll withhold comment until I see them in a non-flat setting.

Sage Confucius said...

Hey Teebz! I braved a 97 degree day, 102 temp, pneumonia and a sinus infection to get personal pictures of the new Preds uniforms. I will get them to you as soon as I get my Internet back on. (freaking Comcast sucks) One of the ladies I was standing in line with to pre-order the new jersey said that Fiddler, with his white shorts, looked like he was wearing a onesie. LOL I cracked up and thought about you. I orded the white one, by the way, because I really HATE the t-shirt look of the blue ones.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the Predators weren't putting too much thought into these jerseys. They are horrible. The team has a good color scheme, but cannot seem to do anything with it. The logo is too comic-bookish and the piping is over the top. Where have all the hemline stripes? The arm stripes? The block alternate color along the shoulder? These are all tradition. I say the Predators made a change just for changes sake. And that usually doesn't turn out to well.

The Dark Ranger said...

I wonder if Gary Bettman will allow Jim Balsillie to buy one of the new Predator jerseys?

The Dark Ranger