Monday, 19 November 2007

Blog Walking

Every once in a while, I like to go blog walking. Basically, what I do is check out all the blogs on my list of hockey blogs to the right, and link back to their blogs and articles so that more people get a chance to read some excellent work. I don't mind using my blog for a little advertising for other bloggers. After all, we're all in this for the same reason: the improvement of hockey coverage. In that regard, here is my latest edition of blog walking. Thank you to the authors for their hard work and dedication.

There has been a new addition to the blog list on the right. Please welcome Sidney Crosby Spotlight. I was overly impressed by this author's article on how Sidney Crosby was one of the people responsible for the change to the Reebok jerseys regarding the issue of too much sweat. You can read his full article here, and make sure you click the links to the various news sources in his article for more info.

In another new blog, CKim has started A Queen Among Kings. CKim was originally one of the contributors to Crushed Purple Velvet, but decided that the Kings needed more coverage and broke away with her new blog. More people talking about hockey is always better, I say. In any case, her articles entitled "Hidden Gems" are great. She scours the old Interweb for humourous hockey quotes, and her latest edition does not fail. Kovalchuk's picture is, for lack of a better term, different.

KMS2 continues on with Crushed Purple Velvet, and she writes a passionate article regarding a Detroit journalist's rant about why he doesn't like bloggers being given press passes. This is obviously a great point of debate, and I encourage you to comment there, or discuss it here.

Christy from Behind the Jersey also weighs in on this Detroit reporter. Her article provides some retort to the reporter's rant, and she also has a good discussion in the comment section. Again, check it out, and post a comment on it there. If you want to discuss it here, feel free as well.

Steph from No Pun Intended has discovered her extreme dislike for Chicago, most notably the Blackhawks. I guess when the powerhouses of the Central Division are sitting at oh-and-four this season versus the 'Hawks, you kind of have to ask yourself "what the hell". Nothing like a good Original Six matchup to stir the deepest of emotions! Oh, and Elly seems to have gone AWOL much like the Penguins defence thus far this season. Come back, Elly! I miss the Penguins' updates!

Kevin at Barry Melrose Rocks has decided to follow ESPN's John Buccigross by opening a mailbag for questions from readers. I may throw a few questions in there myself just for some fun. Things like Melrose's mullet, the amount of gel and mousse he uses, and why he hates Newark are ok. Song lyrics are not, as Kevin has pointed out, and I thank him for this. Buccigross' song choices are lamer than lame most times, and it makes me want to punch him out.

Speaking of mailbags, Buts at Flyer Flies has been granted an interview with Mike Richards! Congrats, Buts! The best part is that you can actually submit questions to Buts for approval by the Flyers for the interview, but you have to have it done by mid-afternoon today. Register for an account, and fire a question to Mr. Richards ASAP!

The guys from The 2 Man Advantage interview New York Islanders' defensemen Chris Campoli and Bruno Gervais in their new video. Hilarity ensues. Well done, gentlemen. Hockey on Long Island is once again watchable with you two at the helm.

Ok, so that was some of my memorable walking this week. Just as an aside, I will be DELETING blogs from my list that do not get updated more than once a week. I expect to find something new if I haven't been to your blog in a week's time. This is not a demand, but merely courtesy to other readers who may link to your blog through me. If you do not update, you won't get the hits. I believe that's a fair trade.

Also, I have picked up another hockey book, and will be adding another book to Teebz's Book Club later this week. This book provides an insight to a topic not normally examined by most authors or hockey writers, and I am glad to have found such an interesting story regarding this topic. Look for the review by Thursday.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Kirsten said...

Excellent, more books! I will be needing a good one for my flight home this December!