Thursday, 1 November 2007

TBC: McCown's Law

Teebz's Book Club is proud to bring you another entertaining book today, entitled McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments by Bob McCown and David Naylor. Bob McCown is the host of a radio sports talkshow called Prime Time Sports. It can be heard on The Fan radio stations across Canada, and can be seen on Rogers Sportsnet as an hour-long program. As the host, he often relies on pushing buttons to generate conversation, whether it be amongst his studio guests or the listening public. David Naylor has been a sportswriter with The Globe And Mail since 2000, and drops by both CBC radio and TSN for their sports talk programming, most notably The Reporters with Dave Hodge on TSN. Both men are certainly accomplished in the sports industry, and both men make this book an enjoyable read.

I have watched Prime Time Sports on Sportsnet, and I've even occasionally listened to the program on the radio when I can. I've found McCown to be somewhat argumentative in his debates, sometimes siding with the absurd to make a point. However, this is where his book makes great leaps and bounds forward because he can rationally express his thoughts on paper without all the wild emotions that come with some of these ideas. Rather than flying off the handle with some idea, he lays out his thoughts in a very precise and comprehensive manner. His ideas make sense, but can still be a bit out there in some cases.

If you read the little profile about the book, you know he has already presented some crazy ideas. He suggests that Slovakia may be the best hockey nation on Earth, gives logical reasons as to why the Maple Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup in forty years, why the NHL is wasting its time and money trying to get Americans to buy into the game hockey, and discusses why fighting should be banned in all of hockey.

Perhaps what is best about this book is that it's a "pull no punches" look at every topic he presents. Mr. McCown does not shy away from any topic, and gives his honest-to-goodness opinion on everything. He truly offers a different perspective of hockey, and that is an excellent way to start talking about hockey. If more people talk about it, more people will be interested in it. If more people are interested, more people will go to a game at some level. And that's how you create a buzz about a sport that is getting killed in the United States.

"Bob McCown's appeal isn't based only on his ability to hit the hot buttons, to entertain and occasionally enrage his listeners and viewers across Canada. It comes out of the fact that there's just about always a compelling logic in what he's saying, a coherent, clearly presented position that at the very least makes you think." - Stephen Brunt, from his foreword

McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments is an excellent hockey read for all hockey fans, any hockey writer or blogger, and could certainly be enjoyed by the most leisure hockey fan. Mr. McCown and Mr. Naylor have collectively stirred the pot in good way for hockey by offering opinions contrary to traditionalists and pundits alike. If you've ever had a thought about how to change hockey, pick this book up. It may give some additional insight as to how to solve any of hockey's ongoing problems, and will certainly allow you to form an opinion, one way or another, about all of the topics covered by Mr. McCown.

Personally, I may even use some of his ideas right here on this blog since some of his ideas resonate with me. The book is, and will be, a valuable resource for me in terms of information and opinions about hockey. McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments deserves the Teebz's Book Club Seal of Approval.

There will be another book review out this weekend since I've already read through half of the third book I picked up. Look for it on Saturday or Sunday on this very website. Enjoy McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments. I know I did.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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