Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hockey Blog On Valentine's Day

Well, another Retail Shopping Day is here, which means we're observing another day where people are forced to spend money on their loved ones when they should really be spending more time with them. Am I bitter? No. I'm just making some quaint observances towards Valentine's Day. If you're single, like I am, this day is better known as February 14. In any case, I thought it would be a good idea to help you pick up some last minute hockey gifts for that special Valentine. Some of these gifts would be something I'd appreciate, but others bring to mind several curse words and disbelief.

First off, I'll start with Things Not To Buy For Anyone.

1. Little Earth Pittsburgh Penguins Fender Flair Purse from the store. This purse carries this description: "You can add hockey design to your wardrobe and carry all of your money and personal belongings in this Little Earth NHL® team Fender Flair purse. The purse is formed from 2 recycled aluminum license plates with tear-shaped, nickel-plated steel end caps and hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The officially licensed purse has a velvet lining with pocket and a 21-in leather strap with contrast stitching for easy carrying." Available in all teams.

Sounds great, right? Well, go get a second mortgage because it costs $324.99! Seriously! I could make this! All I need is a couple of vanity license plates and a soldering gun!

2. Pink Fashion Jerseys from the store. The product description makes me hate these more: "Cute and sporty is how you will look wearing this blank or customized Rbk® women's Pink Freeze jersey. It's made of premier polyester fabric for maximum comfort and boasts a modern design that accentuates your shape. The jersey is screen-printed with glitter gel graphics and will feature a heat-transferred name and number if you decide to customize." Available in all teams.

Pink for cancer research? Yes, I can live with that. Pink for fashion? NO! At $59.99, I can understand getting your Valentine into a hockey jersey that looks like this, especially if your Valentine is a girl. However, be prepared to be mocked at every turn thanks to your stupidity in buying a pink NHL jersey. If you're a real fan, you wear team colours. Show you care: make your Valentine a real fan of your NHL team.

3. NHL Garters. I've posted these before, but this might be the most inappropriate way to show your support of your team. If your girlfriend wears garters, good for her. However, if she's showing them to you, you're probably not watching hockey. Or even thinking about hockey. Avoid this type of gift, especially if your girl isn't a hockey fan. Unless you want to sleep on the couch for a while.

Ok, let's look at good ideas for gifts.

1. Hockey Night In Canada DVD Trivia Game from the store. Much like the Scene-It games, this gift would be perfect for sharing some time together. It can be used as an introduction to the game for the most novice of hockey fans. It will challenge the most knowledgeable of hockey historians. The best part is that the game can be played together. And "together" is the perfect Valentine's Day situation.

2. Fresh Gear. I've spoken about the scent of hockey equipment before, and we all know it's brutal. Both male and female hockey players fight the stench. If your Valentine has his or her hockey equipment in a room where the paint is starting peel off the walls, get them some Fresh Gear treatments. You can find locations here, and it all it takes is about 20 minutes to make the equipment smell not-so-bad. This might be the best gift you can give to your Valentine AND to yourself.

3. Hockey Books and Movies. I've reviewed a number of books through Teebz's Book Club, so you should have an idea that there are a lot of good hockey books out there. Please check the information under Teebz's Book Club to the right for more info on some hockey literature. As for movies, it would depend on genre, but here are a few good flicks:
- Comedy: Slapshot, Happy Gilmore
- Drama: The Rocket, Mystery, Alaska
- Family: The Mighty Ducks (avoid the sequels)
- Great Hockey Moments: Strange Brew, Bon Cop Bad Cop, Mallrats, Clerks

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Take care, and snuggle up to someone!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Connie said...

Those purses are just about the worst idea...ever. Who in their right mind would buy those??

The pink jerseys are just as bad. Although, they're presumably for a good cause (not going to dispute that), but you wouldn't catch me dead in one.

The garters. You know, Teebz...I think if I got a hockey-themed garter belt from a boyfriend... I think that'd be pretty hot. Not gonna lie.

The stuff that you recommend sound great. I love Happy Gilmore!

Kirsten said...

I've heard fantastic things about that game. My friend is an RA, and she used it for floor bonding.