Saturday, 2 February 2008

Poor Gophers!

I have to say that the NCAA has produced some of the more memorable and creative goals in all of hockey. The abilities of some of the NCAA players is amazing, and rarely does it get showcased on North American television. Occasionally, someone will show a highlight or two, but NCAA hockey highlights are few and far between, especially in Canada.

However, I feel sorry for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. It seems that the majority of these highlight reel goals have come against them. Why? I have no idea. All I know is that Goldy the Gopher has kept his traditional smile the entire time while watching his team be victimized by some amazing opposing skill.

This one requires more concentration. Ouch!

Mike Legg's lacrosse-style goal made highlight reels around the world.

Does Evan Trupp play baseball? He's batting 1.000 this season.

Kyle Okposo gets some Gopher revenge with a beauty goal!

Some great talent shown at the collegiate level. Sorry Kirsten and Gopher hockey fans. I'll try to find some bad plays made by the Sioux or the Wolverines as well. Personally, I like NCAA hockey as much as I like the junior ranks in Canada. The players give it their all, and you can't ask for much else.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Kirsten said...

Poor Gophers indeed. *sigh* This has not been the greatest season ever to put it mildly, but that could be that we are accustomed to winning. It's a young team, they'll get better. Someone called the Gophs the "Yankees of NCAA hockey", and as disgusting as that may be, it's true.

Thanks, Teebz. Us Gophers fans like nothing better than seeing the Fighing Sioux, Badgers, Bulldogs, and St. Cloud State look bad.

elise said...

This season has been a bit painful...we have some good young guys, though. I miss Okposo.

Anonymous said...

you gotta remember Minne is a hockey hotbed with a decent number of people in the area. They just tape/show more games than most other teams so you get to see their miscues more often.

A poorly organized band of hockey fanatics said...

Feel sad for the Gophers!!!!!???? Never!!! :)