Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This And That

There is absolutely no reason for starting this entry with a Ren and Stimpy image, but I had it floating around on my desktop, and I really like the old cartoons. Nothing was better than old Ren and Stimpy cartoons as I was progressing through grade school, and I'll even admit that I bought Season One on DVD because I like the crude cartoon so much. However, cartoons always seem to offer a character like Wile E. Coyote who gets tripped up by the same prank every time. And tonight, it felt like a Roadrunner cartoon simply due to a few recurring themes in the hockey world.

  • The New York Rangers lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs again. The only difference? John Tortorella was behind the bench tonight. It took a shootout, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but the Rangers really need to start beating teams below them. This slide has got to stop. Wade Redden, looking for some relief of the harsh criticism, did score the Rangers' lone goal in the 2-1 shootout loss, so he has to feel good about that.
  • Speaking about things that stay the same, why is it that the Islanders always seem to play Pittsburgh like it's 1993 again? Pittsburgh scored the only goal of the game in a 1-0 win, but it was an UGLY game. Sykora scored the only goal, so it's a vital two points for the Penguins, but they should blow them out when comparing rosters on paper.
  • I was surprised to read that Calgary billionaire and CBC's Dragon's Den panelist Brett Wilson has a handshake agreement in place with the Nashville Predators to purchase a reported 5% stake in the team. Wilson is an admitted sports fan, but I never thought he'd buy into a team like the Predators. However, Predators majority owner David Freeman and Wilson own a minor-league baseball team in Jackson, Tennessee together as well as English soccer team Derby County. This seems to be an extension of their business partnership and friendship.
  • Trade deadline talk is boring me. I don't care about who the Leafs are going to move. I only care about who is moving. Let's wait until March 4 before we start getting our panties in a bunch, ok, mainstream media? Thanks.
  • Coming up on Friday: I've been asked by Uni Watch Blog bench coach Phil Hecken to assist him with an article. I found it to be a pretty informative piece, so I'll cross-post it here as well, and you guys can have a read. Tune in for a comprehensive piece.
  • I also got an email from a lady by the name of Maria who wanted some info on fighting in hockey. I provided a piece in which I defended "the code", and she said she would get back to me with the final product. What is it being used for? No idea yet, but I'm hoping it will be used to help explain why fighting in hockey today is far more dangerous than it was 15 years ago. Once I get the word from Maria, I'll link up what she came up with.
  • Lastly, thanks to all who voted for me in the Greatest Job contest. I cannot say "thank you" enough to all of you, but I really could use your help if you haven't voted. Please read here, and vote if you can. Thanks.
Ok, that's all for tonight. I have a few things on the go, so I'll be back tomorrow with updates. I really need some sleep too, so I'm gonna go get me some of that. Take care, everyone!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Another thing that stays the same? The Blackhawks continue to lose to divisional opponents. After their terrible loss in Nashville the other day (they took a 2-goal lead into the 3rd period and gave up 4 unanswered goals), they're now a measly 4-6-5 vs. the Central.

Tony said...

I must admit that Spongebob's mild crudeness in some places reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.


Thanks for bringing up Pittsburgh in 1993...I still can't erase that two on one image from my brain.