Sunday, 5 July 2009

Reader Response: Music

Ok, readers. There comes a time and place where I want your opinion. Today is one of those days. If there's one thing that can get a crowd rocking at a hockey game, it's the music played by the DJ sitting in the press box above. Some of the music is great while other songs make us want to get up and leave. Every single rink has their own sound, so I'm not looking for the best song from a particular arena. Montreal has the "Olé" thing that they do, Detroit has much love for Journey, and everyone else has their own musical claim. That's fine, and I'm not suggesting anyone change those songs or remove them from the playlists. What I am looking for are suggestions of songs that you like to hear at hockey games because it gets your blood pumping.

Whether it be something traditional like Europe's Final Countdown or something that is generally despised like Ram Jam's Black Betty, this is purely a subjective view on something that I, as a hockey fan, would like to know about those who stop in here. There are no right or wrong answers, but I'm always hunting for the next great hockey song.

Maybe it's something I haven't heard from an NCAA game or a CHL game, or maybe it's a song that doesn't get played at games that you feel should be played, but this is a curiosity to me. What song, when played in the arena, gets you pumped when you're sitting in your seat?

Perhaps it's an epic battle song? That tune is used by a hockey team as they line-up for a powerplay face-off right after a penalty is called on the visiting team.

Perhaps it's a classic rock song? The guitar introduction has some good riffs.

Maybe it's something lesser known? Sloan's Money City Maniacs has the sirens and build-up for a good entrance theme as the home team makes its way onto the ice.

Heck, maybe it's just a chilling rendition of the national anthem?

As hockey fans, what song is your "song of songs"? What song gets you pumped as you sit in your seat, anticipating big things from the home team? Post your songs in the comments, and I'll start running down a list. I'll be linking back to this for the next week, so give it some thought, and we'll see what kind of list we can compile.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Two seasons back, the Caps played The Foo Fighters The Pretender at the start of each game...a whole montage set to that.

That drum beat kicking the song in the ass after the intro...the guitar...Dave Grohl screaming his head off...awesome.

This thing, for me, just kills it. I play it on my iPod before every one of my's like the musical equivalent of Stallone turning his trucker cap backward in Over The Top, "It's like a switch"

JTH said...

Lyrically, I don't know how well most of these would work, but here are some (in no particular order)...

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Kinder Words (to be played after a fight)

The Beastie Boys' Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Franz Ferdinand's Jacqueline

Anthrax's version of Got the Time (Joe Jackson's original version would work, too)

A couple by The Arcade Fire: Intervention and (Antichrist Television Blues)
How fantastic would "Intervention" have sounded on the old Chicago Stadium Barton organ?

Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name

A couple Hold Steady Songs: Your Little Hoodrat Friend and The Swish

The New Pornographers' Use It

A couple from Beck: Girl and Beercan

Slayer's Raining Blood

I could go on, but I think I'll stop now.