Monday, 14 September 2009

Lots Of News

I have a ton of links to throw up here today, and I feel like CNN with all the news, pictures, and stories I want to bring to you. Basically, it's been a few days since I focused on bringing everyone up to speed on some of the smaller stories around hockey, so I'm committed to doing that today. If there are updates, I'll even attempt to update throughout the day as I sit in workshops and classes at the conference all day. That's right: my mind never wanders far from hockey. Let's get to some of the links, starting with an excellent idea I am going to feature on this site in the sidebar.

  • My top story today came from an email from the good people at Pespi. As you may remember, I helped them with a contest last fall in bringing home the Stanley Cup an Mark Messier to a community in Canada. Today, they are back with another contest. Join The Cheer is Pepsi's new contest, and there are some awesome prizes to be won for showing Canada your most patriotic cheer. Your prizes? All the playoff games at the 2010 World Junior Championship taking place in Saskatoon, and up to three games at the 2010 IIHF Men's World Hokey Championship in Germany! For full rules and details, please visit the site linked above, or click here.
  • Speaking of World Championships, SNY RangersBlog is reporting that Rangers' goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is sporting a new mask design and some new equipment. The Tre Kronor worn famously by the Swedish hockey team is now prominently displayed on Lundqvist's mask. He's also wearing some new pads that look freakishly huge. Those things almost resemble riot squad shields in terms of their height!
  • Nate, who emailed me yesterday regarding the new Sioux jerseys, wrote a fabulous Uni Watch-style piece on the Sioux forums. Honestly, the more I see the jerseys, the more I like them. They aren't as bad as some of the Reebok monstrosities that are being used b various teams, and they stick to a very traditional style. I'm still a fan. They apparently will keep the black alternate jersey as well, as seen here in the North Dakota Sioux women's hockey uniforms. Not sure about that number on the front for the women, though.
  • The fabulous people over at Section 303, a fabulous Nashville Predators blog, have images of Taylor Swift performing in Nashville while wearing the rumoured, new alternate jersey of the Predators. This basicaly confirms the rumours I've been hearing all summer, and the traditional look is pretty impressive. I'm just not sure why they allowed Miss Swift to wear the jersey before it was unveiled.
  • The Boston Sports Network has a big image of Boston's Tim Thomas sporting what could be the Bruins' Winter Classic jersey. I like the yellow and the throwback logo, and I would hope that they wear this at Fenway. It would have instant classic written all over it. Heck, I'd even champion it as a better alternate jersey than their current attempt.
  • From Uni Watch, Rob Ullman is working on a ton of impressive sports-themed illos, and it's about time I throw him a bone for his amazing artwork. Hockey doesn't get left out by Mr. Ullman, and his North Stars gal is a beauty. And his Penguin gal with the Cup? Awesome! Check out all his amazing artwork, and even order an illo, by heading over to his Atom-Bomb Bikini site. Amazing work, Rob!
  • It appears that Marc-Andre Fleury of the Penguins is breaking in some new equipment in training camp as well. It's slightly different than what he wore in the Stanley Cup Final last year, but significantly different than what he wore in his reconditioning stint in the AHL after his injury two years ago. The yellow still makes me giggle. Good catch by Dane on the Uni Watch comments.
Ok, I have a bunch of stuff to study before the classes and workshops tomorrow, so the rest of my day will be me locking myself in my hotel room getting my brain all learned and knowledgeable. If you need me, email will be open. Have a good Monday, kids, and enjoy your day!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Michael Elves said...

I really like the current alternate Bruins jersey. Saw it in person at Jersey City over the weekend and was tempted to get one and then have it personalized "Lemelin"