Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Meltdowns In The Summer

Hockey is still a few weeks away, and I feel like I need something to get the pulse going. Honestly, is there anything better than watching a total meltdown by a coach or player in a game? It's a moment of temporary insanity most times, but it brings no shortage of commentary and chatter about the person involved and the situation in which the meltdown occurred. Hockey has had a number of memorable meltdowns by both players and coaches, and these still make me laugh today. Here are, in no particular order, a number of hockey meltdowns that should get you into the game while bringing a smile to your face.

1. Head coach Jim Schoenfeld of the New Jersey Devils in 1988. Schoenfeld felt that referee Don Koharski aided the Boston Bruins in their 6-1 win in Game 3 of the Wales Conference Final. The result? Schoenfeld confronted Koharski.

"Have another doughnut!"

2. Goaltender Tuukka Rask of the Providence Bruins in 2009. The Bruins and the Albany River Rats had played to a scoreless draw through four periods, meaning the shootout would decide the winner.

Poke-check? Apparently not. Crossbar? Apparently not.

3. Head coach Marc Crawford of the Colorado Avalanche in 1997. After Avalanche player Rene Corbet took a beating on the ice, Marc Crawford loses it on Scotty Bowman and the Red Wings' bench.

Crawford seems slightly agitated.

4. Shawn Antoski of the Milwaukee Admirals and Steve Martinson of the San Diego Gulls in 1991. These two warriors had just been separated on the ice after scrapping. Why let a little plexiglass stop the fun?

Nothing like the old IHL. Seems like Slap Shot.

5. Terry O'Reilly and Mike Milbury of the Boston Bruins in 1979. A full line brawl erupts into insanity as a Rangers fan grabs O'Reilly's stick. O'Reilly goes to retrieve the stick in the stands. All hell breaks loose.

Mike Milbury at 2:06 hits a fan with the fan's shoe.

Is anyone else ready for some hockey? I know I am.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Jim BC said...

Milbury whacking the dude with his own shoe... classic. Not consistent with the meltdown theme but player/fan interaction - remember the nutjob from Philly who was giving it to Domi when he was in the penalty box? ... and then actually fell into the "lion's den"? Crazy.

Teebz said...

Despite Domi starting that confrontation, that fan got what he deserved. You don't enter the playing field.

I'd call that a fan meltdown. LOL