Saturday, 6 March 2010

Upcoming Events

As I peer into the looking glass, I feel compelled to post a number of upcoming events that you'll see here on Hockey Blog In Canada. HBIC is trying to keep all these important events organized, but there will be a bunch of opportunities for you, the reader, to get some free prizes and stuff. Because that's how I roll here at HBIC. Needless to say, the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey contest is pretty much over, meaning that the Leafs jersey I was planning to raffle off to one lucky reader will go back into the Shwag Bag for a future giveaway. Sorry about not achieving the goal, Pension Plan Puppets. Let it be known, though, that this jersey will be up for grabs shortly.

The first change will be to the contest to the right. Pepsi and Frito-Lays are running a new contest, and you'll have a chance to win something that I consider to be pretty cool. I'll post details about it on Monday, and you can enter to win the prize that is supplied by Pepsi. No, it's not Pepsi or Frito-Lays merchandise either, so stay tuned to see what you can win.

Secondly, we're approximately one month away from the annual HBIC Playoff Pool. Last season, there were a pile of prizes given away after the final horn had sounded on the NHL Playoffs, so even those that didn't finish first got something to show for their efforts. Again, HBIC is all about giving away promotional stuff sent to it, so I'll pass the good stuff on to you. If you want to participate, please watch for the notification on when the HBIC Playoff Pool starts, and you can get entered. I already have a pile of stuff to be given away, so it might end up being Christmas in June by the time a Stanley Cup Champion is crowned.

Lastly, thanks to the few people who emailed and commented on yesterday's blog entry. I appreciate your kinds words regarding my diatribes, and I pledge to keep writing for as long as you keep reading. I really can't say "thank you" enough to those that frequent this place. You guys are the true all-stars of this blog, so thanks for making my insanity worth something. I couldn't do it without you.

I'm off to a friend's birthday bash, so I'm cutting out early, but I wanted to give everyone an update that the giveaways on HBIC will be happening regularly over the next three months. I might randomly give some stuff away as well since I have a ton of prizes in the Shwag Bag, so keep your eyes on this blog. You never know what may happen.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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