Monday, 6 December 2010

St. Petersburg Will See Stars

The building to the left is probably a little "foreign" to most readers on this side of the pond, but Russians, and people from St. Petersburg in particular, will recognize it as the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Get it? Foreign to North Americans because it's in Russia? Anyway, the 2011 KHL All-Star Game will take place in St. Petersburg this year, and it will feature Team Jagr's team of international stars battling with Team Yashin's squad made entirely of players from Russia. We're less than two months away from this game, so let's check the particulars of what is happening at this year's KHL All-Star Weekend.

If you're marking this on your calendars, circle February 5, 2011 as the date of this year's KHL All-Star Game. While I've been hunting for English-based channels that may be carrying the game, I have yet to find any. However, the KHL All-Star Game will be broadcast live on "Russia-1" while the skills competition will be broadcast on "Russia-2". Behind-the-scenes reports and interviews will be carried throughout the day on KHL TV, the official league channel.

Now you're probably saying, "Teebz, I don't have Russian television programming". I'll be honest: I don't have it, either. But all is not lost as the KHL TV feed does work for free for all KHL regular season games and the 2011 All-Star Game! All you need to do is click here to get to KHL TV so you can watch your favorite former NHL stars kick a little butt over in Russia!

If you are reading this from somewhere in the vicinity of St. Petersburg or have the inclination to travel to St. Petersburg during the month of February, I'm happy to report that tickets to the KHL All-Star Game are quite reasonably priced! Tickets range from 190 rubles, or $6 USD, to 1900 rubles, or $60 USD, and will be available for purchase shortly at the KHL's official All-Star Game website. Honestly, they have cleaned up that website very nicely, and it looks like it could be a great source for news and information as we near the event's date.

It's just a short entry today on an event that was pretty entertaining last season. If you can, try to check out a game or two of KHL action on the KHL TV site, and make sure you check in at that site on February 5, 2011 for all your KHL All-Star Game fun!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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