Sunday, 19 December 2010

Where's Teebz?

I spent my Sunday out in the awesome town of Rosenort, Manitoba for a friend's birthday. Before the celebrations began, I was lucky enough to take in a game between the Red River Wild and the Niverville Clippers of the Carillon Senior Hockey League. The game was a spirited battle as the hometown Wild gave everything they had against the league-leading Clippers, but the Wild eventually fell 3-1 after a couple of fights broke out in the third period. While there were no bench-clearing brawls, there were some spirited line brawls, and that got me to thinking about the days of yore where bench-clearing brawls were common.

Today is simply a day where HBIC throws caution to the wind and opens both doors on the bench to let the players out. HBIC looks back at a few memorable bench-clearing brawls from the NHL as I celebrate a good friend's birthday.

Calgary's Tim Hunter loses his mind against the Winnipeg Jets.

Buffalo and Los Angeles gang-warred in 1985.

Chicago and St. Louis in the St. Patrick's Day Massacre.

The Good Friday Brawl in La Belle Province.

Philly and Jersey for Patrick Division supremacy.
Wow. Some good brawls there, and we didn't even go back into the 1970s with the Big Bad Bruins and the Broad Street Bullies! A good hockey fight always gets the blood going, and it's fun to watch these old videos. I'm not condoning any sort of bench-clearing brawl in today's game, but this was when the NHL was more like the wild, wild west.

Happy birthday, Brendan, and congratulations on the six PIMs you earned today!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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