Monday, 10 January 2011

Fun At Practice

We've seen teams playing outdoors this year and in subsequent years, and it sure looks like fun. Who wouldn't want to be out in the cold, crisp air with their favorite hockey stars shooting, scoring, and having a blast on the ice? For the Kirkfield-Westwood Kodiaks, the dream of skating with the Manitoba Moose got a little closer on Sunday afternoon as the 11 year-olds got to skate with the AHL club!

The Kodiaks, playing out of Kirkfield-Westwood Community Centre in Winnipeg's west end, earned the right to host the Moose's outdoor practice by winning second prize in last season's Manitoba Moose Community Jersey Program. The date of the outdoor practice was kept pretty quiet in terms of the players from the Kodiaks knowing when this would happen, but it all came to a head on Sunday when the Moose laced up the skates for a little outdoor shinny with the Kodiaks!

Lee Sweatt, who skated outside for the first time in his career (seriously?), talks about the experience on the Winnipeg Sun's video feed:

Kirk Penton filed that video story for the Winnipeg Sun, braving the -16 Celsius temperature for a little outdoor hockey.

How cool is that? I think more professional hockey teams need to do something like this to help build good relationships with fans, and there are several NHL teams who take to the ice outdoors already. Those teams are to be commended for their efforts, and they deserve a little kudos.

For the Moose and Kodiaks - two animals that normally don't hang around each other - it appeared the day was a lot of fun, and that's good for both teams. Congratulations to the Kirkfield-Westwood Kodiaks on their winning the third annual outdoor practice!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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