Friday, 7 January 2011

Stuck In Limbo

Ladies and gentlemen, the image to the left is what those in the TV business call "snow". Normally, it comes with a rather annoying audio sound that people, in general, hate, and it's quite an annoying feature of your analog television signal. I'd like to report that the last few articles have appeared quite late because of this snow. My television and internet are being switched over to a new service provider, but they apparently found out that the signals coming into my home aren't quite up to snuff. I guess that's what I get for living out in the 'burbs.

Anyway, if there is a delay, it's because the service technician who came out to set everything up has failed to return to my home where HBIC is headquartered. Because of this lack of attention to my vital TV and internet services, you may notice a delay in posting on this blog.

I'd like to apologize for this, but I'm not sorry. Why? Because I'm slightly ticked that the technician doesn't seem to understand that I need internet for school. And blogging. But mainly school. So while I sit at my local coffee shop fighting others for a wireless signal, my computer is nothing more than a box of lights and Solitaire.

As soon as service is restored, HBIC is back in action. I'm told there will be a service technician out on Sunday, but that's what I was told Thursday. And again on Friday. I'm not holding my breath at this point. Once this is resolved, HBIC resumes as normal.

Until then, hold tight, kids, and keep your sticks on the ice!

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