Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sitting With Lanny

The man to left is a hockey icon. He's a Stanley Cup winner, he was the captain of the Calgary Flames, and he has one of hockey's most recognizable moustaches in the history of the game. In short, Lanny McDonald is and will continue to be an NHL legend. So how cool would it be to kick back at an NHL game - a Stanley Cup Final game no less - and shoot the breeze with Mr. McDonald himself? I think it's a pretty cool opportunity, and now you have the chance to experience this yourself thanks to Scotiabank's Stanley with Lanny contest!

No joking on this one, folks: you get to spend a night at a Stanley Cup Final game with the moustachioed one himself, and you can regale in stories of when Calgary knocked off Montreal in the Montreal Forum to become the first visiting team to capture the Stanley Cup on Forum ice! Or you can discuss the two teams playing on the ice! Whatever you want to discuss is completely up to you because you'll have Mr. Lanny McDonald sitting with you for three periods or longer for an entire Stanley Cup game!

There are no hoops to jump through on this one. All you have to do is head over to the Scotia Hockey Club's Facebook page, and enter the contest. There is a short page where you fill out your name, email address, postal code, and province or territory (sorry, American readers, this one is for Canadians only), and then you're entered. Simple, right? I like simple.

Get your entry in as soon as possible because the contest closes on June 9 at 11:59pm. On May 26, the grand prize of a night for you and three friends to embark on a journey that will take you to a Stanley Cup game where you'll be seated with the legendary Lanny McDonald for the entire game! In addition, Scotia Hockey Club will also give away a number of Stanley Cup Prize Packs loaded with Reebok gear to those that have entered the contest. So even if you don't get to meet Lanny, you could still come away with an awesome prize! Click the contest details below to get yourself entered!

Here are the fine print details. As stated above, this contest is open to Canadian residents. Accommodations and spending money will be included for the winner who has the opportunity to meet Lanny McDonald. You can only enter once, but once is all you need to win. The value of the grand prize is approximately $8000, so that's a pretty a sweet prize to win!

A big thank you goes out to Scotiabank and the Scotia Hockey Club for this incredible contest. I've already entered, and I'm hoping to be the lucky fan who gets to kick back, have a drink with Lanny, and talk hockey for three periods. Get yourself entered, and it could be you sitting beside Mr. Lanny McDonald!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Unknown said...

Harsh, man. What, those of us down here can't appreciate the opportunity to sit with the most wicked awesome 'stache in Pro Sports? (apologies to Rollie Fingers)

Teebz said...

Unfortunately, not my doing, Dan. I would love to offer up a contest such as this to all readers, but I am bound by the fine print by the company offering the contest.

Sorry! I'll keep my ear to the ground for the next big contest specifically for the USA folk!