Monday, 2 May 2011

Cleaning Up The Desk

Now that school is over and done with, I felt it was a good time to clean up my desktop and start posting random pictures and stories that I've been holding onto since the beginning of time. Or at least the school term. These have come from all over the place, so there will be neither rhyme nor reason as to how or why they are posted other than I'm starting fresh for the summer once the NHL and AHL Playoffs are over. Once they're done, we're onto another HBIC Summer Project, and this one will be pretty neat if it goes as well as I hope it does. Regardless, here is the collection of stuff cluttering my desktop as it stands.

  • Matt Ellis didn't have an overly memorable playoff series against Philadelphia, but he played hard. The one thing he will be remembered for is his jersey number. Check out his #7 on chest number. That's not the current font, but the Buffa-slug font! A little "oops" from the equipment staff on that one.
  • I found this artist's rendering of the Heritage Classic site in Calgary, and I really admired it at the time. I'm not sure why it didn't get into an article, but it's here now, and I still admire it. If I could get it framed, I would.
  • This one is tough to see, but there is a definite "oops" from Reebok in the image of the Islanders' Andy Hilbert from March 8, 2009. I checked on my Islanders jersey - my Satan jersey - and it does not have the ® on the logo. But Andy Hilbert's jersey does, and that photo is from April 11, 2009. So I went back, and discovered that he didn't have the ® on February 16, 2009. So what gives? Anyone care to explain?
  • Peanuts creator Charles Schulz was a hockey fan as far as I can tell. He designed the mascot for the California Golden Seals, and he also has Charlie Brown dressed in hockey gear at the Charles Schulz Museum! Nothing like pop culture and hockey meeting in such a great way!
  • I've spoken a few times about the pink jerseys that Team Canada wore at the very first Women's World Hockey Championship, but here's a great look at those jerseys. Gillian Apps is the player pictured.
  • Speaking of the World Championships, Canada's youth movement is looking good. Rick Nash, Alex Pietrangelo, John Tavares, Chris Stewart, and James Reimer have been impressive thus far. The additions of James Neal and Carlo Colaiacovo should only help.
Scary moment at the World Championships as Latvia's Arturs Kulda pastes Czech Radek Martinek into the boards with a shoulder-to-face hit. Martinek plays for the New York Islanders, and this one didn't look bad until you hear the results.
Martinek has a bruised spine and a severe concussion, and has been ruled out of the rest of the World Hockey Championships. Yikes!

Ok, that's all for today. I'm getting back on track here, so please be patient as I finish articles and post articles. I'll be caught sooner than later, but I need to get some of this stuff done. Thanks!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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