Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Book With A Twist

This isn't a normal Teebz's Book Club entry because I'll be honest: I haven't read this book. So as confusing as that may be to you, the reader, let me say that I am looking forward to this book. It sounds as though there are a number of facts and stories on the pages to keep even the most die-hard of hockey fans glued to the writing. But we're not here to speak about Double Overtime or author Stephen Cole because I haven't even touched the book. Instead, we're here to talk about a website launching that is scheduled to coincide with Double Overtime being released and the new hockey season starting. The website, hosted by publisher Simon & Schuster Canada, will bring hockey fans together in a brand-new way, and it could end up being something really special.

I received an email from Anneliese at Simon & Schuster Canada, that had an incredible amount of information in it. Anneliese wrote,

"With hockey season just around the corner, I wanted to let you know about the must have hockey book that Simon & Schuster Canada is publishing this fall called Double Overtime.

Double Overtime tours the wild, weird, and truly wonderful moments from all of your favorite NHL teams. Full of great stories, fun facts, and packed with pictures, this book will definitely surprise even the most hardcore hockey fans. It is authored by Stephen Cole, a true hockey aficionado, who also wrote The Canadian Hockey Atlas, Slapshots and Xtreme Hockey!

To support the release of the book we have created a dedicated webpage that launches on October 1st. On this site people can upload their favorite hockey photos to our Flickr pool, enter our hockey photo caption contest, view a photo excerpt of the book and more!"
Sounds pretty decent, right? HBIC is applying to host the image right here on this site, meaning that you can navigate to HBIC and see a photo of YOU! HBIC loves the grassroots movement, and I'm excited to potentially be a part of Simon & Schuster Canada's idea of having a photo mosaic of hockey fans!

Here's the HBIC disclaimer so I can be upfront with everyone. If I am chosen to help with this innovative idea, I will not solicit or bother anyone in the photos. If you're in a photo, good for you and all that congratulatory stuff. If you want to say "HEY, THAT'S ME" or whatever, you're more than welcome, but I will not contact you unless you want to tell the story of how the photo came about. I respect everyone's personal privacy, and you will not be bothered by me in any way, shape, or form unless you reach out to me.

Obviously, I can't link to the website just yet as it doesn't go live until October 1. However, once the link goes live, I'll carry the website under the "Contests" section to the right. If you want to link a photo, you're more than welcome to do so with Simon & Schuster Canada, and, if HBIC is selected, it will show up here.

Keep your eyes on HBIC in the coming weeks. We'll have more book reviews shortly as Teebz's Book Club continues to grow, but HBIC is proud to partner with Simon & Schuster Canada to show off Canada's love for the game - and literature - of hockey!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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