Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Good Ol' PSA Satire

The above site, Benstonium.com, is getting some major billing here on HBIC today because they were kind enough to send me an email about the work they do. HBIC is all about great video work that shows some creativity and hockey, and the Benstonium site is chock full of great creativity. While they don't have as much hockey as I normally would like to see, they have done some absolutely solid video work, and they're getting a full page of HBIC goodness due to my appreciation of the work being done on that site.

"Benson" emailed me with this message:

"Hey dude... I'm with a professional video production operation in Pittsburgh. I just finished this new 1960's-style educational video parody about Sidney Crosby's chances of returning to the ice. I wanted to share it with you and please feel free to use as content. Thanks man!"
The first thing I thought to myself was "when is the last time I got an email that started with 'Hey dude'", but I decided to click over on the link Chris Benson provided to check out the work. I was pretty impressed with the work that went into this and other videos. Here is "Professor Ben Stonium" in "The Sidney Crosby Comeback 101".

I'll be honest: I have no problem with a little fun being made in light of Crosby's injury. There definitely a lot of numbers thrown out in that press conference. If you caught the Jagr references in the video, Benstonium wasn't done there. Check out the "History of the Pens". Jagr gets referenced again.

Oh, and we're not done there with some Jagr bashing. There's another video filmed in an "old-school" style. Check out "Benstonium News: Jagr Arrives At JFK".

Those three videos are great! There are a ton more waiting to be discovered over on the Benstonium website, so I suggest you head over there. There are also videos based on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates for all your multi-sport needs! I'm a fan of these videos, and I can't wait to see more! Keep up the great work, Chris Benson and everyone at Benstonium.com!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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